” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents ” Y&R Tales ” Episode ” Off & Running “




” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents

” Y&R Tales ”

Online Written FanFic Series

Episode  : ”  Off & Running ”

Written by :

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

April 2,2016


Fenn Baldwin was returning from College for the weekend to surprise his parents Lauren & Michael but they were not in town they had both left to Oakdale,Ilinois where Fen had recently transferred .

Luckily he did get a call from somebody he didn’t expect ..

” Neil Winters ? ”

asks Fen curiously

” Hello Fen , hope you don’t mind me calling , I got your number from Michael .

Anyways I have a job opening if you are interested ,

free to discuss this further ? ”

asks Neil

Fen hastily agrees to the meeting .




Phyllis has just about finished up work chatting it up with a client of Jabots overseas ..

” Mr.Tonka ,

we are looking forward to meeting with you in person this week ! ”

hints Phyllis


A gust of wind blows hard in town ..indicating changes are about to begin 😉


* Cast *


Nicholas Hault

As ” Fenn Baldwin ”


” Oakdale : University “Atwt – Online WrittenSpin-Off , FanFicSeason 7 Ep32 :” Love SPRINGS ETERNAL  ! ”Feb Sweeps Feb 28 , 2020Midnight Edition

” Oakdale : University “

Atwt – Online Written

Spin-Off , FanFic

Season 7 Ep32 :


Feb Sweeps Feb 28 , 2020

Midnight Edition

The residents of Oakdale , Illinois are swept away by their emotions , agendas and the secrets they keep ..

We focus on Lucinda Walsh who manages to be ready to take on the world again after having recently admitting to shooting a mystery man few weeks ago in self defense to Barbara Ryan .

Henry Coleman drops by to check in on Barbara , only to be surprised seeing Lucinda !

” Oh wow , i didn’t expect to see you today ! ” he says unexpectedly..


Casey Hughes’ ex wife , Liza Colby checks into the Lake View as his grandmother Lisa Grimaldi immediately puts her on notice !

” I don’t know why on earth you are back in town Liza , but if it is to hurt my grandson again with your crazy antics you can check leave for all i care ! ” she says defensively ..

” I understand your anger , i hate myself for what i did .. but look at it from my perspective Lisa. . i had my twin babys son & daughter kidnapped out from under Casey & I that takes a toll on a person .

I love him dearly & i want him back ! “

She proclaims..

Dr.Reid Oliver & Casey Hughes enter together hand in hand ..

Intriguing Lisa and upsetting Liza ..

” You are too late Liza Colby , Casey Hughes is happier with me now as a matter of fact .. We are officially a couple ! ” he states firmly ..

Luke Snyder & Noah Mayer are dining at the lobby when they see the towns latest couple go public .

Luke chides ..

” Get a room ! “

Noah gets ticked off ..

He pulls Luke aside ..

” Wow really ..Get a room huh ?!

Go screw yourself Luke Snyder if Reid & Casey’s relationship bothers you soo much you can pursue them both we are done .. Our engagement is off ..

I don’t wanna marry you ! “

announces Noah slapping Luke ..

Finally ..

Rosanna Cabott is at the office of World Wide , as she gets a call from Lucinda ..

” Lucinda ?

What can i do to help you ?! “

she asks curiously ..

” I need your help to

cover a murder ! ” she hints

Rosanna is intrigued ..

Back at the LakeView ..

Casey kisses Reid then teases he will be back but first he needs to deal with Luke ..

Noah pulls Reid aside as they have a confrontation themselves ..

” You had to rub your nose into everybodys business didn’t you Reid you just had to announce your new found relationship with Casey for everybody to hear without any regard to who it could hurt ?! “

demands Noah / Michael .

Luke prepares to take on Casey outside ..

” So you are Gay now ?! “

demands Luke

” Shut up Luke !

I barely finding myself dating Reid if you don’t like tough cookies , we are happy together ..

Hell he is happier with me than he was with you ! ” says Casey

Luke slaps Casey ..

” I hate you Casey Hughes ! “

he says tears streaming down his face .

” How dare you sleep with Reid you knew it would hurt me , yet you still decided to date him with no regard to my feelings ?! ‘ demands Luke .

‘ Screw you Luke Snyder , i hate you too ! ” says Casey

Reid is taken by surprise as is Liza , Luke , Casey , Lisa ..

Noah switches to his Michael personality and kisses Reid Oliver !

” I just had to see what the big fuss was about ! ” he teases ..

Reid pushes Noah away ..

” Who the hell are you ?! “

demands Reid confused ..

” Meet Michael ..

Noah has a split personality he switches to his brother Michael ! “

announces Luke .

Enter the Real Michael ..

” Tsk-Tsk ..

I always miss all the fun..

Catch me up ?! “

he demands with a sly smirk !

Cast —

Jake Silbermann as

Noah Mayer


New Episodes ..


Mid Spring ..


 Gh Exclusive SPOILERS !!

— Danger , Hidden Agenda’s , New connections & more ! ..

The coming weeks will feel like a rollercoaster gone off the rails !

A situation arises that will test the limits of those in Port Charles. .

ELQ takes a Financial Hit !

Julian wants answers ..

Sam has unresolved feelings.  .

Nina crosses a line.  .

Dustin + Brooklyn share a moment..

Nelle isn’t done hurting Michael ..

Anna slowly starts to see the light involving Peter it it too late ?!

Curtis realizes he doesnt know Jordan like he thinks he does ..

Brando makes new connections.  .

Carly takes an interest in Brando ..

Jason has fear in his mind is his Spidey senses tingling ?!

An Adventure awaits that changes lives ..

Michael + Willow share a bond. .

Somebody considers saying goodbye to Pc

Valentin takes action ..

Lulu gets concerned between

Dustin & Brooklyns closeness ..

Taggert has more to spill ..

Exclusive Gh SPOILERS !

Exclusive Gh SPOILERS !

~~ Gh Spoilers ~~

Michael being a new daddy may be short lived as Chase feels close connection to Wiley as Mikey does ..

Possible Chase is really a daddy ?

Willow acts out ..

The person killing people is Cyrus he wants people to suffer .

Gh gets Full Er w Casualities

A new stranger hits town ..

Could Curtis find a new friend that steers him away from his wedding blues being married to Jordan isnt no picnic at the park !

Laura devises a plan to get Ava away from her son .

Ava gets betrayed again ..

An exciting adventure sends lovers , enemies & friends into the new chapter in their lives that shakes things up .

A misunderstanding creates a domino affect.

Kisses lead to passion ..

Will Liz get a broken heart as Jason helps her see that Franco may not be all she thinks he is .

Trina’s new status quo in town stirs up emotions from everybody .

Cameron shares a deep connection to a lucky lady soon .

Thanks for reading. .

More updates soon ..

Liz challenges Franco ..

Their relationship is tested again. .

Sam has a dilema when a man from her past causes conflict in her present. .

How will Jason deal ?!

Exclusive Y&R SPOILERS !

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

As Adam Newman keeps his eye on the prize of Newman Enterprises , red flags go off in Victor Newman’s mind .

He is quick to mistrust his sons possible genuine offer to take over the reigns .

Is Adam really on the level ?!

~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Alright , let’s get real for a second.  .

Devon has recently been used life extra furniture left behind which is sad because he used to be my favorite character but not he’s on my exit list !

That being said , get ready for one exciting adventure as the pursuit of Devon getting his money takes some fun exciting turns .

It all kicks off when he gets a mysterious text from a blocked number .

Obviously Devon jumps to the conclusion of it being Colin behind taunting him ..

The text sets Devon in angry mode demanding Chance figure out these mysterious numbers popping up !

Chance assumes its longitude & latitude readings .

He encounters Kevin Fisher ..


Chance asks Kevins help , soon as he learns that they are trying to take down Colin !

Kev gets into hacker mode logging into his laptop searching the numbers as he sees something familar that lights him up like Christmas !

After finally breaking through the firewalls he makes a SHOCKING discovery ..not only are the numbers matched to an off shore account named under Devons name with the amount of $2.475 billion !

Another text comes through immediately..

” Money can make a person crazy !

   All apologizes mate ! “

Devon was hoping he was finally done with Colin Atkinson unfortunately his obsession has him thinking there’s more going on !

Is it possible ..Devon is being paranoid ?!

In other town news ..

Billy Abbott & Amanda chat about their connection as they pursue their interest in each other ..

Jack receives a surprise visitor ..

Tessa makes a SHOCKING Discovery !

Set Dvrs ..

Reed Hellstrom RETURNS

March 2 , 2020

Keep dropping by

on more Updates involving

Y&R updates & more ..

Sweeps is finally hitting the

DRAMA button as we quickly head into Spring ..

Thank you for your Readership !

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

✈💢 Exclusive Y&R SPOILERS..

The Aftermath of Victoria Newman’s stabbing at her father Victor Newman’s gallery has the residents of Genoa City seeing Red !

Surely , somebody is to blame for this chaos and who better to start pointing fingers towards Amanda Sinclair then Devon & Elena ..
He seriously suspects it all had to do with his stolen inheritance ..
Wrong again Devon will he ever learn ?!

Victor is ready to blame the cops for not doing their jobs !

Nikki is floored following learning of Sharon Newmans breast cancer now her daughter being stabbed. .
Everybody hide the liquor !!

The heated drama will definitely send others into protective mode this is one week you want to set DVRS for !

💾 ManChester Mysteries LGBT Mystery Series | Season 1 by PartyWill on Wattpad ..

 ManChester Mysteries LGBT Mystery Series | Season 1 by PartyWill on Wattpad ..

The hottest seductive , cunning , sly , very attractive ManChester Lynx finds himself embroiled in solving puzzling mysteries , while dealing with his appetite for sex , fun , romance !

Hold onto your hats !

A Unexpected return of a few key friends he knew in his life will set our Hunky single Slueth into one major rocky road after another !




I think you’d like this story:

“ ManChester Mysteries

LGBT Mystery Series | Season 1 .. by PartyWill on Wattpad


Y&R Exclusive Daytime Spoiler °° HeadWriter Josh Griffith OUT / Search for New HW Begins !

Y&R Exclusive Daytime Spoiler °° HeadWriter Josh Griffith OUT / Search for New HW Begins !

Hola Amigo’s ,

Your Favorite Latino

Ace Reporter excited to share the latest

Breaking News to

SHAKE UP DAYTIME yet again ..

It’s finally here Soap Sudsers ,

Christmas has arrived early !!

After months of ongoing storylines without no substance . .

no depth and lack of creativity on not all but most storylines that has engulfed our beloved Daytime Soap Opera of

” Young & The Restless “

close knit sources has reported to me how the Network has decided not to

Renew JG’s contract .

This means the search for New Head Writer begins ..

There’s a few prospects being tossed around .

It was mentioned between closed doors that JG stays long enough to finish the latest 50th Anniversary of Victor Newman circling Eric Bradens legendary stance of portraying Victor Newman over 40years !

Who would you like to see at the helm of DAYTIME’s longest running Soap Opera ?

— Spoilers —

Victor rallies the troops to take on the latest crisis impacting their lives ..

Nikki Newman sets Billy Abbott on notice

Amanda sees somebody in town with new eyes could a tangible flourishing relationship be in her and their future .

Phyllis Summers is intrigued by a tempting new offer

Victor suspects Adams motive can he be trusted ..

Phyllis crys wolf ..

Chelsea plans for an exciting future could it be destroyed before it’s even begun .

Mariah freaks out about Tessa.  .

Did she or did she not sleep with her ex husband Tanner ?!

Victoria demands answers about her condition ..who will be by her side ?!

Nick is blind sided ..

Abby has to consider if Chance is being less truthful of what he seems to be hiding from her .

Jack has disturbing news to share who will impact ?!

Sharon’s condition continues to take its toll on her.

Jill Abbott Foster has a new business

Venture sure to SHAKE UP GENOA CITY !

Could a possible pregnancy break a couple that was just living in bliss ?!

Theo & Lola grow closer but who will push who away ?!

Can they meet halfway to a possible romance or is something deeper going on ?!

|| A exit or two seems to be looming over the chaos going on behind the scenes due to low ratings & viewership ..

Will drastic measures be made to save the soap from itself in the limelight of crazy nonstop FLUFF ,

Granted I do enjoy

Amanda’s storyline ..

Adam ..

The Grand Phoenix Drama ..

The #Skyle pairing of

( Kyle & Summer )

#Leo ( Lola & Theo )

I just don’t like that our seasoned valued and cherished vets of Daytime are being pushed aside to prop the next generation of cast to fill such the vague void that still seems to be missing in Genoa City & Y&R

ΩΩΩ Keep it here for all things Soap related , Movies & Tv shows , More Updates as they hit my desk ..

ΩΩ Special Thanks to my Sources. .

       I appreciate you all. .

Willys View Podcast S4Ep34 #SoapNight #ExclusiveDaytimeSpoilers / Feb Sweeps / Brought to you by Pluto Tv

 S4Ep34 : #SoapNight / #Exclusive Daytime Spoilers / Brought to you by Pluto Tv / Feb Sweeps ..

Hola Amigo’s , thanks for dropping in tonight to enjoy

#SoapNight dedicated to

Daytime Fans &

Exclusive Daytime Spoilers ..

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Y&R Exclusive SPOILER : Reed Hellstrom RETURNS + Sasha Calle’s New Release on Spotify ” Ex-Factor ( LIVE SESSION ) Feb Sweeps !

Exclusive Y&R SPOILER ..Reed Hellstrom RETURNS !!

REMEMBER I teased a Wild Feb Sweep ?!

It’s my pleasure to announce. .

Tristan Lake is returning to Y&R as

Victoria’s son

Reed Hellstrom. .

returns to be by her side ..

Tristan is simply beyond talented on the soap opera genre , he’s also a musician and seen in few commercials.

Welcome back Tristan !!!

Thank you Josh Griffith for Not

Recasting Reed I would have been pist !!

Keep it here on all Soaps , Movies & More Updates come my way. .

Check out Sasha Calle

( ” Lola Rosales ” )


Spotify ..

Her New Release ..

” Ex-Factor ( Live Session )

is ready to listen ..


“Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online , Written , Spin-Off , FanFic , S7 , Feb Sweeps Promo


This week ..

Emily Stewart gets a SHOCK to the system ..

Reid & Casey go Public..

Noah demands why Luke is Jelous of
Reid & Caseys relationship ..

Leo Dupre’ gets a Dear John letter from Sarah Ivory ..

Liza Colby wants Casey back. .

” Oakdale : University ”
Atwt – Online Written
Season 7

Feb Sweeps continues. ..

” Oakdale : University “Atwt – Online WrittenSpin-Off , FanFicSeason 7 Ep31  :” Take Me , As Is ! ”Feb Sweeps Feb 15 , 2020Midnight EditionValentines Day – Feb Sweeps

” Oakdale : University “
Atwt – Online Written
Spin-Off , FanFic
Season 7 Ep31  :

” Take Me , As Is ! ”
Feb Sweeps Feb 15 , 2020
Midnight Edition

Valentines Day – Feb Sweeps

The streets of Oakdale , Illinois was filled with festive decorations for the big event taking place ,
Valentines Day !

Chief Of Staff of Memorial Hospital , Dr. Reid Oliver is entering the apt that he is roomates with Casey Hughes smiling with a red rose in his hands and a box of chocalates and dvd .
He sees Casey is still in bed asleep with his door half ajar , he looked like an angel sleeping .
He puts the surprises away for later .
Then he gets to starting up the coffee pot with its fresh roasted blends in their Keiurig coffee maker .
He gets the creamers ready to start the coffee ..
He hears the alarm go off inside Casey’s bedroom .
It’s adorable hearing him run around trying to find his phone to shut it off .

Meanwhile ..

Luke & Noah are snuggled cozy in their bed with satin silk sheets and smiles .
” Happy Valentine’s Day lover , i am soo excited for tonight are you ?! “
teases Luke giving Noah his eskimo kisses .
He stirs ..
Mmm..morning babe , i am sorry if i waking up late ,
did i miss anything ? ” asks Noah
Luke couldn’t help himself. .
He gets back into the covers ..
” Make love to me Noah , then we will get breakfast and more after ! “
he requests lovingly ..
Noah knods in agreement. .
” As you demand , lets do this ! “
he says .
They pull off their shirts , remove their clothes as loud moans between kisses and making out begins.  .

Elsewhere ..

Former Det . Jack Snyder is paying his cousin Holden Snyder a surprise visit.
” Holden , i am here to give you an update about your wife …
Molly never arrived in Fairwestmore , Parkway Newyork as her Dear John letter indicated …
I am sorry buddy i had no choice i made the call ..
She is officially considered missing ! “
reveals Jack .

Over at the Walsh Estate ..

Lilly , Rose meet up with Carly Tenney & Rosanna .
” I spoke to Emily she wanted to help us in our search party but she’s got a cold so it’s just girls ! ” hints Rose .
” We need to get going , i spoke to a private investigator who hints my cousin Molly was last seen in Bonkers , Delaware ! ” teases Carly .
The women pack their bags & purses then head out .

Rose notices a envelope that she keeps hidden inside her purse .

Back at Casey’s ..
Reid tells him there’s coffee ready .
” What time you headed to work ? “
he asks
” It’s mine and Noah Mayer’s off day you ? ” he asks grabbing the coffee .
” I am going in later tonight , too many people will only annoy me anyway .
I got you a few items ..
Happy Valentines Day Casey Hughes ! “
says Reid excitedly .
Casey smiles enjoying his gifts .
” Oh wow man , thanks i love my gifts and i never seen this dvd ..
I like Super Hero movies ! “
says Casey .
Reid beams happy.
He gets closer as Casey indicates ..
” I got your gift too figured why not right , it’s in my bedroom by my window ! ” he teases .
Reid follows him back to the room ..
He pulls out a portrait that is covered .
He slowly unwraps it ..
Revealing 6 various dogs playing poker .
” Thank you Casey , this is such a sweet gesture ! ” says Reid
Casey shrugs …
” It was nothing , i just figured why not ! ” he says
Reid smiles longingly at him .
” It’s not nothing .. It’s very special just like you !

There’s a pause between them .

” I didn’t think I could want you more than this moment ! ” teases Reid

” Why wait , I am right here ! “

says Casey

” C’mere Mr.Hughes ..are you sure about this ?! ” he asks

” I never been sure of

anything in my life ! ” he replies

Then suddendly they share the most tender and romantic liplock between friends .

The kiss lingers for a few mere seconds but they both enjoy how it makes them feel ..

They get more intimate ..

They pull off their shirts , close the door , loud moans as Reid kisses Casey from his neck down to his muscled toned body ..

The hot kisses make him swoon he never felt such a energy like this !

Casey gets agressive as they both match their lips to each other again holding each other close neither breaking away ..

” Casey.  . ” says Reid

” Yeah ? ” he asks.  .

” I want to make love to you right now are you ready for this ? ” asks Reid .

Casey stops to think and pause .

” I am attracted to you no doubt Reid i been having really vivid fantasies of us in my bed together ! ” he says

Reid beams again ..

” Really you have ?! “

he asks excitedly .

” Yeah man , i can’t get you out of my head ! ” says Casey .

They kiss again. .

” We can go as slow or fast as you want to go it is your call ! ” says Reid.

Casey pulls him closer again ..

” Let’s do this Mr.Oliver ! ” he teases.

They smile longingly at each other ..

A red BMW is driving into town ..

We notice the driver it’s

Legal Eagle .. Liza Colby. .

Casey Hughes’ ex wife ..

Happy Valentines Day from

Oakdale : University ..

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers !

 Exclusive Y&R Soapy Spoilers ..

Adam & Chance’s secret is finally revealled , turns out Adam killed mystery womans husband in self defense while saving Chance Chancelor’s life. .

Phyllis overhears thanks to the bug under their table at Las Vegas.

She will use this new imformation to blackmail Chelsea into selling her shares of the Grand Phoenix over to her immediately or risk Adam being sent to Prison for murder !

Chelsea will have no choice but to comply to Phyllis’ blackmail ..

She doesn’t want to lose Adam again or risk Connor losing his dad !

🌹 S4Ep33 : M/M Writer of Mystery &Contemporary / MJ Calabrese / Feb Sweeps

🌹 S4Ep33 : M/M Writer of Mystery &Contemporary / MJ Calabrese / Feb Sweeps

Join me as I interview
M/M Writer of
Mystery & Contemporary Romance
Mj Calabrese about her writing success & more ..

Thanks for listening ..
See you on the FLIP SIDE !!

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 🌹 S4Ep33 : M/M Writer of Mystery &Contemporary / MJ Calabrese / Feb Sweeps

” Shameless : Work In Progress ” FanFic by PartyWill on Wattpad / MATURE READERS

An All-New
” Shameless : Work In Progress “
PartyWill on Wattpad

Starts NOW ..

CArl is in deeply head over heels for

I just published “🐦
Chapter 5 : Carl’s Life / Feb Sweeps”
of my story
” Shameless : Work In Progress ” FanFic / PartyWill”. https://my.w.tt/ZQXTzSJ4Y3

Willys View Podcast S7 proudly WELCOMES. . M/M Writer of Mystery / Romance , MJ Calabrese to the Studio , Feb 11, 2020 #FebSweeps


Your Week just got hotter. .
Join me Feb 11, 2020 as
Willys View Podcast S7
Proudly WELCOMES. .
M/M Writer of Mystery & Romance
MJ Calabrese hits the Studio. .

We get into her life as a Writer. .
Her most challenging moments & more. .

Feb Sweeps !!

Thanks for listening. .

I grabbed my copy of
” Warrior’s Way
( Coulter & Woodard Book 1 ) on
Kindle Unlimited ..
Go get yours Today !

Exclusive Gh Spoilers

 Gh Exclusive Spoilers. .

Brando’s secret has a domino affect. .

The truth about Peter may literally destroy Anna & Finn

Lulu has reason to doubt Dustin ..

Maxie needs a shoulder to cry on ..

The truth about Wiley destroys many lives & heals few others ..

Carly vs Nelle the confrontation will hit Carly to her core .

Elizabeth & Franco will get deeply affected by Peters dark secret past ..

Nina has a new agenda. .

Nicholas raises the stakes ..

Ava fights temptations. .

A New mystery unravels ..

Jordan & Taggerts dark secret is close to being exposed ..will Curtis forgive ?

Keep it here for all

Soapy Updates & more. .