” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents ” Y&R Tales ” Episode ” Off & Running “




” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents

” Y&R Tales ”

Online Written FanFic Series

Episode  : ”  Off & Running ”

Written by :

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

April 2,2016


Fenn Baldwin was returning from College for the weekend to surprise his parents Lauren & Michael but they were not in town they had both left to Oakdale,Ilinois where Fen had recently transferred .

Luckily he did get a call from somebody he didn’t expect ..

” Neil Winters ? ”

asks Fen curiously

” Hello Fen , hope you don’t mind me calling , I got your number from Michael .

Anyways I have a job opening if you are interested ,

free to discuss this further ? ”

asks Neil

Fen hastily agrees to the meeting .




Phyllis has just about finished up work chatting it up with a client of Jabots overseas ..

” Mr.Tonka ,

we are looking forward to meeting with you in person this week ! ”

hints Phyllis


A gust of wind blows hard in town ..indicating changes are about to begin 😉


* Cast *


Nicholas Hault

As ” Fenn Baldwin ”


” Y&R Exclusive Daytime Spoilers “

Y&R Exclusive Daytime Spoilers

Kristian Alfonso is being eyed as Jack Abbott’s New Lover ..

The couple you are rooting for will reconnect. .

Sharon +Adam reunite. .

Nick & Phyllis have their relationship but don’t get to comfy.    .

Their relationship hits New hurdles !

Nick & Chelsea could reunite once again..

Michael Damian’s

” Danny Romalatti ” returns briefly

Victoria Rowell is in talks about returning. 

An emotional farewell is in the works for the Abbott’s as they say goodbye to Dina Mergeron during Nov Sweeps !

Only Real Life couples are allowed to tape romantic scenes together.  .

‘ Bold & The Beautiful Exclusive Daytime Spoilers ‘

Bold & The Beautiful Exclusive Daytime Spoilers !

Ridge shocks Los Angeles by wanting to make his relationship / marriage with Shauna work ..

Thomas steers his obsession away from Hope but could Wyatt lose Flo ?!

Steffy gets her medicine she requires and TLC from Dr. Finn ..

Will Liam let Hope fight for Kelly ?!

Somebody tell this woman to stop obsessing over other people’s children !

Brooke pieces together what Quinn has done ..

Fireworks are ahead ..

LOVE the Brooke vs Quinn catfights !


” Oakdale : University ” A-T-W-T Online Written Spin-Off FanFic S8 , Ep3 : ” Lone Wolf ” , Written by PartyWil

” Oakdale : University “

A-T-W-T Online

Written Spin-Off

FanFic Season 8

Ep 3

” Lone Wolf “

We focus on the mid square of downtown Oakdale , Illinois a burglery alarm goes off a red corvette speeds through the interstate the highway as 3 security guards welcome Det. Jack Snyder in the scene where a dead jane doe is lying on the cold black & white checkered floor. .

Jack meets the coroner ..

” Alright Telly Mars ,

What do we got ?! ” he demands

” She isn’t on the data base , there’s no matching finger prints ..

I also noticed

her file was erased ! “

reveals Telly

Jack is alarmed ..

Meanwhile. .

Lisa Grimaldi meets privately with PI Harley Davidson Cooper at a out of town condo .

” I came as soon as my father called me about your situation Lisa , you should know you got a really bad Wolf in your hotel ..

The woman claiming to sue you works for a company called – Lone Wolf ! ” she says firmly.

” I hate to say it , but what is going on is about to get worse ! ” she hints.

Later. .

Holden Snyder also meets with Harley at a local Bikers Club ..

” Harley , thank you for meeting me please tell me you got an update on the whereabouts of my wife Molly & my son Luke ! ” he demands Holden

Harley looks intently.  .

” I have bad news.    .

I am sorry Holden your wife Molly Conlan Snyder is dead ! “

she reveals

Holden breaks down on the outside of the bar..

Written by PartyWill

Dedicated to Beth Ehlers

” Sugar Heights ” Exclusive Lgbt Wattpad Fan Fic Drama , Ep8 : ” Bowling Night Surprise ” Written by Blossom

It’s  Night in

#SugarHeights #Lgbtq

#FanFic #Wattpad #Drama

What could possibly go wrong ?!

Written by  Blossom

” Sugar Heights ” Exclusive Wattpad LGBTQ FanFic Drama Series / PartyWill ” by PartyWill on Wattpad https://my.w.tt/r1iUP2qQN8

Y&R Exclusive Spoilers

Y&R Exclusive Spoilers

 Y&R Exclusive Spoilers

A New Abbott mystery begins.   .

Adam unravels as Sharon becomes a therapist in his darkest hour.  .

When the truth about her cancer is revealed they share a moment of compassion.

Victor feels uneasy.  .

Lauren wants answers !!

Chelsea gets jelous of the bond reignited between Sharon & Adam !

A startling discovery is made. .

Summer & Kyle’s relationship is tested ..

Ashley RETURNS !

Phyllis & Abby lock horns ..

Amanda regrets one decision while wanting another ..

Gh Exclusive Daytime Spoilers

 Gh Exclusive Daytime Spoilers !

Nelle blackmails Valentin , but in doing so she also creates an enemy out of Ava while taunting Nina ..

Hold on Death looms over the horizon ..

Who in Port Charles will be guilty of Nelle’s murder ?!

Carly suspects an unworthy ally ..

Sam is determined to figure what happen to Jason. .

Franco & Liz realize what has been going will it be too late when the damage is down ..

Lives are in danger. .

Cyrus goes too far ..

” Oakdale University ” , A-T-W-T FanFic Series , S8E2 ” Livin’ The Good Life “

” Oakdale : University “

A-T-W-T FanFic Series

Season 8 – Ep2

S8E2Livin‘ The Good Life “

We focus on the LakeView , as we see Lisa Grimaldi checking in with head chef Buzz Cooper who has sent for her.

” Buzz , i just got back to town after i got your text , what is going on i know you wouldn’t text or call unless there was an emergency.. “

she says concerned.

” We have a problem , one of your VIP guests crossed the line by literally touched up on another VIP guest like an hour ago , now she is ready to sue him and us ! “

They proceed away into the lobby section that vacant as they sit together across from each other.

” Ok , which Vip guest hit on which Vip guest ? ” she asks concerned

” Mitchell York flirted with Vanilla Rose who was upset he pushed up against her ! “

he reveals

She is dismayed & upset ..

” Naturally it was caught on the video security camera .. Something feels off about all of this , Lisa i feel very uneasy about this situation

I saved the video its in your secret vault you trusted me with just few weeks ago !

Do you want me to hire my PI Harley Cooper , i seriously have a feeling this is a con job ! “

he warns her

Lisa is shaken concerned for her Hotel’s fate ..

” Do it Buzz , hire Harley Cooper & get me Det Jack Snyder immediately ! ” she demands

Written by PartyWill


Willys View Podcast S5Ep21 : Walmart Goes To The Movies , Deep Blue Sea3 , Potus Media Rejected , News Updates

 S5Ep21 : Walmart Goes To The Movies , Deep Blue Sea3 , Potus Media Rejected , News Updates


Willys View Podcast S5E19 #SoapNight , #DaytimeSpoilers Midnight Edition

Relive classic soapy moments from my Archives ,

Also dedicated to Soap Sudsers !!

Thanks for listening

Catch You On The Flip Side !

Next Week join me for


 S5E19 #SoapNight #DaytimeSpoilers

                 Midnight Edition https://anchor.fm/willy-garza/episodes/S5E19-SoapNight-DaytimeSpoilers——————-Midnight-Edition-ehmua1

Thank You Readers – Happy Anniversary for PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine – 5years ! , Aug 4 , 2020

Today’s a Special Day for

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Later Tonight — My Review of ” Forever And A Day ” New Primetime Soap Opera Podcast on Willys View Podcast

Join me later this Evening. .

As i share my Review of the New Primetime Soap Opera Podcast called

” Forever And A Day “

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Gh Cast Update // Amanda Setton temp recast fills in as Brooklyn Quarantine during Maternity Leave .

Gh Cast Update // Amanda Setton temp recast as Brooklyn Quarantine during Maternity Leave .

Ghers will be seeing a temp New Face in the form of

Brooklyn Quarantine..

The actress hasn’t been announced yet but this is during Amanda Settons maternity leave ..

Her job is secure , so don’t start rumors shes leaving ..

” Forever And A Day ” Soap Drama Podcast DEBUTS Aug 3 , 2020 3pm CT

I am really excited , so much i am going to grab some snacks & pick a fun dinner tonight excited ..

#ForeverAndADay #Podcast

Debuts today 3pm CT

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Congrats to everybody in this New Series !!!

Exclusive Daytime Spoilers – Gh – Y&R RETURN – Lindsay Korman Hartley Temp Fills in as ” Sam Morgan ” on General Hospital

Exclusive Daytime SPOILERS !!

Get ready for an exciting

August 2020

Y&R is slated to RETURN

Aug 10-14th with 2 weeks full of


— Theo has a new agenda ..

— Jack takes a new approach

— Could Kyle be missing Lola even though hes playing it close to the chest with Summer ?!

— A surprise Return shakes up Genoa City. .


Gh ..

It’s getting hotter in Port Charles with Dante Falconeri returning , Brooklyn and Dusty will find romance how will she take Dante back in town could friendship lead to more intimate encounters ?!

As teased , Will Brenda Barett’s return be something Sonny Corinthos & Carly deal together or separate ?!

The truth about Peter August has mostly everybody in town seeing red ..

Can he redeem himself ?!

Franco & Liz face a challenge in their relationship..

Cyrus continues to turn lives upside down !!

Lindsay Korman – Hartley takes over the temp role of

” Sam Morgan ” from

Kelly Monoco who recently was dealing with the anxiety of wearing a mask causing her to have breathing issues ..

As somebody who has Anxiety disorder , i can relate completely .

Don’t worry its just at least few weeks , then she be back on track !


Aug 3 , 2020

So buckle up as it not only continues where they left off during the pandemic shut down !

GH’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini spoke to ABC 7 Los Angeles’ entertainment

George Pennacchio on the  Soap Sudsers return , also about how it picks up the story where things left off.

Valentini shared that fans have alot  to be excited about teasing ,

“There is a bang and a surprise and a twist and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The Nurses Ball returns in Aug

You can expect love scenes,  kisses,  intimate moments between characters

”Physical intimacy is limited.

We’re going to leave a lot more to the imagination.”

Get ready ..Port Charles will ROCK you !!!

” Sugar Heights ” , Lgbt FanFic , Drama COMING SOON ..Sydney Leers , PartyWill on Wattpad

#SugarHeights #Lgbtq #FanFic #Wattpad #Drama

New Episodes ..

Aug 6 , 2020

Catch up ..


Thanks for reading.   .

Sydney Leers is coming to town ..SOON ..