” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents ” Y&R Tales ” Episode ” Off & Running “




” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents

” Y&R Tales ”

Online Written FanFic Series

Episode  : ”  Off & Running ”

Written by :

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

April 2,2016


Fenn Baldwin was returning from College for the weekend to surprise his parents Lauren & Michael but they were not in town they had both left to Oakdale,Ilinois where Fen had recently transferred .

Luckily he did get a call from somebody he didn’t expect ..

” Neil Winters ? ”

asks Fen curiously

” Hello Fen , hope you don’t mind me calling , I got your number from Michael .

Anyways I have a job opening if you are interested ,

free to discuss this further ? ”

asks Neil

Fen hastily agrees to the meeting .




Phyllis has just about finished up work chatting it up with a client of Jabots overseas ..

” Mr.Tonka ,

we are looking forward to meeting with you in person this week ! ”

hints Phyllis


A gust of wind blows hard in town ..indicating changes are about to begin 😉


* Cast *


Nicholas Hault

As ” Fenn Baldwin ”


Willys View Podcast S5E3 : Soap Night

I am taking my Strawberry Pop Tarts & Cream Soda as i wish you all a very Safe Happy Memorial Day Weekend !!

Stay Safe – God Bless –

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Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast:

S5Ep3 : #SoapNight ||  https://anchor.fm/willy-garza/episodes/S5Ep3SoapNighteeefsk

Watching , ” I Feel Pretty ” 2018 Comedy

Watching #IFeelPretty

2018 Comedy

 Amy Shumer

     Michelle Williams

     Tom Harper

     Busy Philips

     Naomi Campbell

     Lauren Hutton

     Aidy Bryant


    # MovieBreak

An ordinary woman who struggles with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy on a daily basis wakes from a fall believing she is suddenly the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet

” Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online , Spin-Off , FanFic , S7 , Ep33 ” Playing With Fire ” Pt 3/6 , May Sweeps , May 19,

” Oakdale : University “

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off


Season 7

Ep 33 ” Playing With Fire ” Pt 3/6

May Sweeps ..

The afternoon is filled with unexpected surprises nobody saw coming. .

Lucinda Walsh is woken up during her mid afternoon nap at the loud sound of police  sirens outside her front gate of her estate ..

” Lucinda Walsh , we need you to allow us entry. . this is the Oakdale Police Dept , you are under arrest for murder ! ” reveals the officer speaking.

Lucinda unlocks the gate to her fated agony headed her way.

She is read her rights and handcuffed by a new officer on the force

Rigel Baker ..

To her dismay she is met by former police detective Jack Snyder .

” I hate that you are here under such grim circumstances but i felt if i didnt return as Detective on this case you may not be treated by others properly.

I will have the officer who cuffed you book you then we will get you a lawyer ! ” says Jack with sadness in his eyes.

Speaking of Lawyers ..

Liza Colby is drinking at the bar of The Lake View when Lisa Grimaldi approaches her.

” Liza , i know we are not on the best of terms after what you did to my grandson Casey Hughes & your ex husband , but please i really need your help somebody close to me got arrested she could use a top knit head strong lawyer such as yourself please i am begging you to represent Lucinda Walsh ! “

Pleads Lisa in tears ..

Liza feels her pain .

” I will represent her in the best way possible ,

i need all the info you can on the events of the last few days ! “

says Liza headed to her room upstairs on Lobby 26. .

Lisa has her upgraded to Suite 101 tonight by 6pm .

Liza calls the Oakdale Police Dept.

” This is Liza Colby , you make sure nobody talks to my client Lucinda Walsh till i get there. .

Gimme 1 hour ! ” she demands.

Lisa embraces Liza ..

” Thank you ! “

She says walking away back to work making her own personal calls. .

To Be Continued. .

— Special Guest —

Officer Rigel Baker played by

Charles Melton

Willy’s View Podcast Season5 Ep1 – Riverdale – Katy Keene – Scream Reboot – Bloody Mary Sloppy Joe Sliders – May Sweeps !

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast:  S5Ep1-Season Premiere – Riverdale -Katy Keene – Scream Reboot – Bloody Mary Sloppy Joe Sliders –


Riverdale Trivia , Win A Prize , Good Luck !

Sorry i am late ..

Here’s this weeks Trivia ..

1) Which Season / Episode did Hiram Lodge appear ?

2) How many girls has Archie dated ?

3) How many businesses has Veronica had ?

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Good Luck ..

Starts May 14-2020

          – May 18, 2020 6pm

Willys View Podcast : Welcomes Self Published Poetry Author Claudia Kelly , Season 5 Premiere , May 18 , 2020 , May Sweeps

It’s my honor to welcome my 1st guest on my podcasts 5th

Season Premiere kicking off

May 18 , 2020

Round of Applause for ..

Claudia Kelly. .

Self Published Author of 3 Poetry Short Stories on Amazon ..

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” Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online Written , Spin-Off , Fan Fic , Season 7 – Promo

Next Week ..

Luke Snyder gets kidnapped ?!

Noah has a shocking request ..

Plus ..

Lucinda Walsh arrested for Murder ?!

” Oakdale : University “

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off

FanFic Season7

New Episodes



Catch up


Katy Keene 1×11 – Wow , What an Episode – 1st Half Review by PartyWill

Katy Keene 1×11 – Wow , What an Episode – 1st Half Review

I am watching Ep 1×11

Wow ..i got to say it but Jorge SHUT UP !

It’s your fault you lost the Fireman !

Change Clothes !

Back off Katy , she always pays you rent ..

Take a Shower & stop acting so entitled !

As for Pepper , i  her to pieces but seriously i don’t trust her !

I am glad Josies Bf is having trust issues involving Pepper !

K.O. plz punch Guy again what a douche bag seriously this guy sucks S a designer !

Twice now Katy Keene  to the rescue ,

He acts like he needs a babysitter !

 this show what exciting Drama

Ok back to the 2nd half of the episode !

Riverdale Trivia – Enter to win a Mystery Gift – June 2020 – Good Luck !

Riverdale Trivia

Play – Submit – Try your luck to win a mystery gift ..

1) What year did the Hit Series debut on CW ?

2) Which actress portrayed

” Miss Grundy ” ?

3) True/ False

    Archie & Miss Grundy had an affair ?

4) How many people has Archie Andrews kissed ?

Bonus :

Can you name all the people he kissed in Riverdale ?

Submit your answers to

( willysviewpodcast@gmail.com )

Sub Riverdale Trivia

2 lucky winners get to win

   Mystery Gift

Good Luck !

Contest runs all month long

Ends May 26 , 2020 6pm

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May 27 , 2020

Mystery Gifts sent out

June 2020