* Meet my PA ( Personal Assistant ) plus NEW Columnist Tracy Willoughby!




I am very honored and excited to announce my PA ( Personal Assistant )

Tracy , who is also a NEW

Columnist to

PartyWills Online Publications Magazine

expect lots of cool things with her in the future !


Welcome to the team Tracy !


Below is some insight into Tracy !



Being a fan in the book world


I guess I should start this off by telling you a bit about me.  Hi my name is Tracy age 39 (yikes I’m approaching 40 lol). I’m a married mother of two teenage boys age 15 and 18 which means I’m in teenage hell which I’m sure some of you can relate to.  My husband and I have been married for 15 years now.  I love country music, I’m obsessed with Luke Bryan right now.     I love to crochet and read but I think reading has Trumped my crocheting lately though.

Now On to why I’m writing this which is about being a fan of this book world. Social media has made it so much fun for us fans in a lot of ways.   Not only do we see lots of book recommendations (omg my kindle has so many books to be read on it lol) but we also get to connect with each other and our favorite authors (well actually we stalk them but they love it).   So I started by reading just for something to do like most of us have.   Then bam I started getting ads pooping up for different books on Facebook  (so many book choices. Seriously its like drugs for me lol).  Let me say right off I read different genres, if its good ill check it out.  Like you guys I have my favorite authors but I love gaining more. I can’t tell you how many times while reading a book I found the author and discussed the book (ok it was more like harassed them) while reading their book. They were all so awesome about it and answered my questions or listened to my point of view of the story.  I think the author I was worst with was Nicholas Bella.  He writes mm paranormal and has two amazing series out called  the New haven series and demon gates series (holy crap they were intense and fun to read I highly recommend them).    I bugged him daily while reading the books.  I was waiting for him to tell me to go away but like most indie authors he never did.  Now he’s a Facebook friend and we chat often.  It’s really fun to pick there brains on their work and I think they get a kick out of it.   Most of these authors love their fans as much as we love them.  See I think its like partnership really.  Without each other this wouldn’t work.

Fans. Wow I’ve met so many awesome  fans of books from around the world who have now become friends.  To not only have a common subject  to talk about but to also support each other in our real life drama is a blessing.  Lets face it reading is an escape for us from reality of our day to day life.  Lets face it, our jobs, kids and spouses can drive us crazy but once we dive into a book it all just seems to go away for that brief moment in time.   We get to imagine we’re in a different place, a different time or even that were different people.  I think that’s why authors write to. I think its just as much of an escape for them as it is for us and they get to be all those things to.  After all we all could use it since life can be cruel sometimes.

So for all the bad that’s said about social media I think it’s a good thing for both fans and authors and I hope authors continue to be as open with us as they have been but we as fans have to remember authors are real people to with feelings just like us.  So we should respect that or they might not be as open to talking to us.

Keep reading. Have fun. Be kind to each other.

Tracy Willoughby

Toronto Canada

Published by PartyWill

Hola Amigo's , Willy here 42 Single Latino Dad raising my beautiful 9 yr old daughter and proud of my 18 yrs old son . I am a Movie Buff , Social Butterfly , Screenplay , Tele Novella , Online FanFic Writer and soon to be a Published Author for you kindle users ! I am GayProud and Support not only Marriage Equality , but Supporting Our Troops .

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