PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents :: ” Q&A with Author Melanie James ” Interviewed by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) March 31,2016



PartyWills Online Publications Magazine

Presents ::

” Q&A with Author Melanie James ”

Interviewed by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


March 31,2016



I was recently honored to interview the very talented NYT & USA TODAY

Best Selling Author Melanie James ,

Pop some Popcorn and lets have fun !





1/6 Queshtions


1) What got you started on the path of being a writer ?


1. Writing was always something that came to me naturally. I have all these people in my head. The only way to get them to shut up is to write their stories.


2) Who inspires you to write ?


2. The characters inspire me. Each new story, no matter how silly, is a chance explore the complexities of life.


3) Can you give us a brief description of your books and characters you enjoy writing

about ?


3. I have several different series of book:


The Literal Leigh Romance Diaries

— A 20 something school teacher accidentally finds magic and becomes a witch.

Magic, Mayhem, & Chaos follow, especially when she’s compelled to write steamy romance stories. Nothing goes right for Leigh when she realizes her magic is quite literal, in the sense that everything she writes comes hilariously true.


Karma Inc —


Is the result of Kelly & Ezzy, two vulgar and snarky witches, who get tired of waiting for Karma and decide to take matters into their on hands. When they meet a new witch who offers to take their business Karma Inc to a whole new level, dead bodies start piling up.


Tales From the Paranormal Plantation —

Everyone love Gertie O’Leary.


This hair-brained witch has been frozen for 120 years, thanks to a few magical disasters…like the Great Chicago Fire and the sinking of the Titanic. Fun and disaster abounds when this old tie witch meets modern day romance.


Riverton Romance Series —

Love, Mystery & Murder is the theme for this series. Contemporary romance with an erotic twist.


Éveiller Drive —


Turn up the heat with Éveiller Drive

Six neighbors, six women drawn to each other. Over the years their friendships blossomed from friends to sisters. Together they tackled the challenges they faced in juggling their complex roles as women, wives, and mothers. Now, the time had come for them to take on the most important challenge yet. To restore the passion and romance to their marriages that had been neglected through the years.

These are the stories of six couples.

Six stories of rekindling and reawakening their romance. Welcome to Éveiller Drive.


4) Which character do you enjoy writing the most ?


4. I love all of my characters, I really do. But I love Ezzy and Kelly. They have a very unique friendship and they ALWAYS have each other’s backs. The snark and comments that fly from their mouths reminds me o me and my bestie.


5) Would you ever consider making your books in a series or movie ?



Any of the Witch books would be great for a Showtime or HBO series due to the graphic nature and content.


6) Any advice you like to give to future AUTHORS ?


6. Advice to new authors — Sit down and write it. Also file a copyright the second it is ready for publication!


Link to order your books ?





Authors Page



Ordering Links



Thank you Melanie for taking time to do this Q&A for your Readers 🙂



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