PartyWill Presents :: ” F U S I O N ” Online Written LGBT Drama Series Written & Created by Willy Garza , July 20,2016 , MIDNIGHT EDITION EP4 Season 1 ” Secret Sister “



PartyWill Presents ::

” F U S I O N ”

Online Written LGBT

Drama Series


Written & Created by


Willy Garza








Episode 4/ Season1


” Secret Sister  ”


Airdate : July 20, 2016



Scene Ω


Becca Armstrong enters her office of Parallegal Attorney to be greeted by her daughter Eve .


Eve :

Somebody is running late today even for you !


Becca :

That’s because I had to give a disposition this morning to one of the crankiest judges in town , how are you my daughter ?


Eve :

Not so good mother , I received an unexpected visitor last night at my dorm on campus !


* Becca is putting up her red purse and pulling off her leather jean jacket *


Becca :

Who was the mystery guest ?


Eve :

When were you going to tell me I have another sister ?!


* Becca is shocked by her daughter’s words , as tears streak down her face *


Becca :

It feels like ages ago , I was forced to give her up , my father wasn’t exactly happy upon learning his only daughter was expecting a child .

I had to believe the foster family she was given to would raise her and treat her well .


Eve :

No mom , my sister and your daughter Evelyn ran away from home , she’s a lesbian and they disowned her ..

She’s living on the streets !


* Becca continues to cry looking out her office window *


Becca :

I vow as your mother ..we will reunite our broken family one way or another !


Cast :


Becca Armstrong

Sherry Stringfield


Eve :

Hillary Duff


Evelyn :

Jessica Simpson


Published by PartyWill

Hola Amigo's , Willy here 42 Single Latino Dad raising my beautiful 9 yr old daughter and proud of my 18 yrs old son . I am a Movie Buff , Social Butterfly , Screenplay , Tele Novella , Online FanFic Writer and soon to be a Published Author for you kindle users ! I am GayProud and Support not only Marriage Equality , but Supporting Our Troops .

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