Oakdale : University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off  FanFic Season 6   Episode 10   ”  Rocky Road “ Pt4/4   July 20 ,2016



Oakdale : University


Atwt Online


Written Spin-Off  FanFic


Season 6




Episode 10




”  Rocky Road “ Pt4/4




July 20 ,2016








Written by Willy Garza , PartyWill



Scene Ω


Will Munson and Paul Ryan are both approaching the Walsh Estate ..

as they are greeted by

Lucinda Walsh ,


Lucinda :

Welcome please hurry yourselves inside there’s a bad storm approaching !


Will :

We were surprised you called us after all you and our mother Barbara Ryan haven’t exactly been BEST of Friends !


Lucinda :

Dear ,

you kids are sooo non educated on life but you will learn even your own worst enemies could just very well be the key to one’s own freedom !


Paul :

That’s rich coming from you Lucinda you have wrecked many lives why would we trust you ?!


Lucinda :

I may just be the only one to help get your mother from being convicted of a Murder she isn’t responsible for ..


Will , Paul hear a limo honking ..


Lucinda :

Where’s your twin brother Max these days ?


Will :

He’s by Babs side at the jail with

Michael Baldwin !


Lucinda :

What about Lisa ?


Paul :

She’s dealing with a son she never knew existed !


Lucinda :

My goodness how many more lost children will that woman create ?

Let’s get going ..we have a long trip ahead of us ..


Will & Paul look at each other then

Follow Lucinda into the limo as it drives out of Oakdale , Illinois ..





Published by PartyWill

Hola Amigo's , Willy here 42 Single Latino Dad raising my beautiful 9 yr old daughter and proud of my 18 yrs old son . I am a Movie Buff , Social Butterfly , Screenplay , Tele Novella , Online FanFic Writer and soon to be a Published Author for you kindle users ! I am GayProud and Support not only Marriage Equality , but Supporting Our Troops .

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