PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine: Presents * Q&A *with Robert Palmer Watkins * Interviewed By : Hannah Carpenter * July 28,2016 MIDNITE EDITION


PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine: Presents

* Q&A *with Robert Palmer Watkins *


By : Hannah Carpenter *

July 28,2016


Q: What has been your greatest achievements?

A: Getting on general hospital

Q: You have worked with some very beautiful women on GH. Michelle Stafford being one of those beautiful women.

What was it like working with her and getting to make out with her?

A: She is amazing and always keeps it fun on set.

She’s one of those actors that really finds interesting ways to bring her character to life.

Strong choices

Q: Jane Elliott plays your mom on GH,

who is an icon in daytime. What has she taught you as an actor?

A: She has taught me to go for it.

She also saw me get overwhelmed one day on set and

Told me to breathe. She said “you know this…just take your time”.

Q: If you wasn’t acting,

What is your 2nd love?

A: Music

Q: Are you plaining on coming out with a music CD anytime soon?

A: I would love to.

I’ve been really enjoying doing these funk it Friday sessions and getting to sing in the nurses ball so hopefully there will be more music stuff in the future either an album or Broadway or both.

Q: If you could work with anybody in acting.

Who would it be and why?

A: Jim Carey because I’ve been a huge fan of his forever.

He’s fearless and hilarious

Q: What projects are you working on

and do you have anything exciting coming up?

A: General hospital keeps me busy but I’ll be auditioning soon.

I also have 2 web series about to premiere.

Last Life season 2 on YouTube and “Bad Sex With Good People” on the scene girls tv channel on YouTube.

Q: You are currently working with Hayley Erin aka Kiki Jerome.

Did think fans would fall in love with Killion like they have?

A: It was kind of a random scene we had in the hospital.

We had great chemistry because we are great friends.

I guess the fans picked up on that. She’s awesome.

Q: When you are not working ,

What do you like to do for fun?

A: Jam out with my roomies,

workout, go hiking, hang by the water

Q: What would you like to see for your character

Dillion Quartermaine?

A: I think it will be fun to see where Dillon’s storyline goes.

I Hope that he gets his own storyline

and if we get a deeper look at his life ,

Hopefully the storyline will challenge me and help me grow as an actor.

Well, that’s all of the questions I have for you.

I want to thank you, Robert, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do a Q&A. I greatly appreciate it very much.

I hope we can do this again in the near future.

In closing , I would like to Thank

Robert Palmer Watkins to let our Online Publications Magazine

do a exciting Q&A with my Girlfriend

Hannah Carpenter , who I am very proud on this her debut

Q&A interview !

💘 you Angel !

Xxoo , Willy

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