ūüĆü ¬†PartyWill’s Online¬† PublicationsMagazine¬† Presents : ” Q&A with¬† Best Selling &¬† Award Winning ¬†Horror Author¬† Tj Weeks ” ¬†ūüĆü Interviewed by Willy Garza,PartyWill Aug 20,2016 , ¬†MIDNITE Weekend Edition




PartyWill’s Online


Presents :

” Q&A with

Best Selling &

Award Winning

Horror Author

Tj Weeks ” ¬†ūüĆü


Interviewed by Willy Garza,PartyWill

Aug 20,2016 ,  MIDNITE Weekend Edition


I recently had the honor of interviewing such a wonderful , creative Best Selling & Award Winning Horror Author Tj Weeks please relax and enjoy. .


1) What or Who got you on this cool path of being a Writer ?


I more than less got myself into writing, but I push myself on it because of my grandma.


2) Which genres do you enjoy writing ?


I enjoy horror more than anything, but enjoy mystery, sci-fi & adventure (Harry Potter type)


3) What brought on your cool characters in your 1st book of your series ?


When you say series, I assume you’re talking about The Horror Squad. That was just something I put together as fun with friends, family & fans as characters.


4) Which characters were difficult to write for ?


They’re all hard to write for in The Horror Squad because I know most of them & some have to die.


5) If given a choice which would you choose for your books

A) Movie

B) Series on Tv Or Netflix ?


Movie, no doubt.



6) How far do you see your series going ?



The series will go as far as I enjoy writing it.


7) What advice would you like to share with future aspiring writers ?


Keep your head up, don’t write if you’re just doing it for money because it doesn’t come for years & always talk to your fans.


8) Any last words for your

Loyal Readers ?..


Keep on reading &

there’s more to come !


Thank you for taking time to respond !




In closing Tj included two personal messages for his wife and kids .


To wife Kris


Sure, I’d like to say that without her, none of this would have ever happened.

She has stood beside me 100% & has always pushed me to do better.



Msg to Kids :


I’m proud of their accomplishments & hope they keep their head held high no matter what situation they face in life.


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