Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 23 ” Playing Dirty ” Pt.1/2 May 4 , 2017 Sweeps

Atwt Online
Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6

Atwt Online
Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6

Episode 23

” Playing Dirty ”

May 4 , 2017

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💁 Scene

Lucinda Walsh is meeting up with Barbara Ryan for brunch at Java Underground , as a sibling rivarly is quickly about to explode in public .

Emma Ivory follows Carly Tenney as she lays into her sister Sarah Ivory .

Carly :
How could you Sarah ?!
How could you betray me and our sisterhood by pushing me down the escalator of the mall last year that lead to my 6 month coma state ?!

Sarah :
What ?!
Calm down , look i dont know who told you this garbage but get your facts straight it wasnt me who turned on you it was Stacy Keebler , your ex husbands former mistress !

Carly :
Are you calling your twin sister Emma a liar ?

Sarah :
My sisters dead ..did you forget ?!
Are you drunk or high ?!

Carly :
Oh please , shes alive and back in town ..

* Sarah looks in horror and surprise seeing her thought to be presumed dead twin sister in front of her !

* Emma glares wickedly *

Emma :
Hi little sister ..did you miss me ?!

* The sisters begin a hair pulling scene of proportions as they scream and continue nearly knocking around tables especially the one where Lucinda and Barbara are sitting ..a black device drops from Barbara’s purse ..Lucinda puts her fingers to her red lips to remain quiet ..she points whispering ..
” You are being bugged ! “

The sisters take their heated arguement to the back ..
Emma demands Sarah stop ..

Sarah :
Give me one good reason why i shouldnt kill you ?!

Emma :
I am pregnant !

Meanwhile ..

Barbara and Lucinda get to the Walsh Estate to discuss the bug they discovered .

Barbara :
Lucinda , who do you think put the bug into my purse ?!

Lucinda :
Damian Grimaldi ..
Hes been controlling half the town this past year ..maybe hes trying to target you ?!

Just as Lucinda gets some red wine , she receives a call ..

* Barbara is livid *

Barbara :
Who is that ?!

Lucinda :
Thats my private detective..
I had him go look into your house just as i suspected it had a bug under your lamp !

To Be Concluded ..

Cast :

Susan Semenjuk as
Sarah/ Emma Ivory

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