Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 24 ” Memorable Moment ” May 29 , 2017 Memorial Day Sweeps Written by Susan Semenjuk

Atwt Online
Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6

Episode 24

” Memorable Moment “

May 29 , 2017

Memorial Day Sweeps

Written by Susan Semenjuk

📌  Todays Episode is
        Dedicated to all
        Men & Women serving our
        Country & Protecting us all ..

      Thank you for your service ..
      God Bless


📍 Scene :

Sarah and Trey Kenyon arrived at Oakdale’s annual Memorial Day picnic with their son. 
All day they mingled with the other residents but spent most of the time with his half brother David Hayward and his lover Margo Hughes. Everyone was excited for the big Fireworks display. After their sitter took their son home Trey said ,
” Let’s go someplace private to view the fireworks.” Sarah agreed.
They held hands as they walked to the Gazebo in the park that was decorated with Red, White and Blue. Before the fireworks began,
Trey and Sarah sat on the bench making out.
Since no one was around it turned into a heavy makeout session.
Once Trey said ” I’ve wanted to kiss you like that and get you alone all day. “

When the fireworks started Trey put his arms around his wife’s waist and they oohed and aahed at the magnificent show. 
Once Sarah commented , ” are they the most beautiful sight ever.”
She turned and saw her husband staring at her before he replied ,
” They are the second most beautiful sight.
You are the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen my love.”
They passionately kissed. 
They smiled as they resumed watching the show.
Towards the end Trey whispered into Sarah’s ear ,  ” want to go home and make out own fireworks that will be even more spectacular than the ones we just seen ? ”
Sarah hungarily kissed her husband and replied ” that is the best idea I heard all day baby. Let’s go.” 
They ran to their car and hurried home.
After checking on their son, they headed for their bedroom and indeed did create their own fireworks that were better than the real thing.

Cast :

Trey Kenyon
/ Sam Page
Sarah Ivory
/ Susan Semenjuk

Dr. David Hayward
/ Vincent Izzary
Next ..

Meg Snyder is found ?!

Join us

June 2 ,2017

4 episodes left of our exciting season to go ..

Thanks for reading , sharing !

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