Hardy Boys Mystery Hour FanFic Season 2 Written by Susan Semenjuk Ep3 : Christmas Caper Pt2/2 Airdate : Feb 15,2018 #FebSweeps2018

Hardy Boys Mystery Hour
Season 2
Written by
Susan Semenjuk


Ep3 : Christmas Caper

Airdate : Feb 15,2018

That night Frank and Joe hid behind some bushes.
Frank asked ,
“ Are you sure the thief will just show up here?! ”
Joe responded ,
“ Well this toy box is overflowing with toys so it’s a good bet that the thief will hit this one next judging from the patterns Father Murray told us” They waited in silence until the Park closed and all of a sudden a shadowy person walked towards the box. 
Just as she reached into the box to begin taking out the toys Frank and Joe approached her and said , “ Gotcha.
Want to tell us why you are stealing toys from kids who really need them?! ” 
The woman answered ,
 “ I thought these are too many toys for the kids so I thought I’d take some and give them to my own kids.
I  just lost my job and wanted to give my kids a nice Christmas.”
Joe said , “ We are sorry you lost your  job but that’s no excuse for taking from the kids.
Where are the rest of the toys you took?”
She replied ,
“ In my garage.
Please don’t turn me in.”
Frank and Joe exchanged looks and Frank said ,“
If you take us to the toys and return them to us we won’t turn you in.” 
They followed her home and when she opened her garage they saw a whole slew of new unwrapped toys.
When they returned the toys to the various boxes around town they felt good for giving back the gifts to the kids who really need them. It did their hearts good .


Cast *

Toy Thief played by
Sharon Case

Dedicated to Sharon Case



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