Oakdale : University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic ” Happy New Year ” Pt.3/3 Mid Season Winter Premiere Feb 16,2018 Weekend Edition 


Oakdale : University
Online Written
Spin-Off FanFic
” Happy New Year ”
Mid Season Winter Premiere
Feb 16,2018
Weekend Edition 
The frosty winter air flows through the town of Oakdale , Illinois. 
Susan Stewart is looking out her bedroom window watching
❄ snowflakes fall while enjoying her hot cocoa with marshmallows. 
The Christmas classic of 
It’s a Wonderful Life playing in the background  .. 
Greenlee Smythe is making an important call on her cell to somebody in Pine Valley.. 
Pine Valley : 
Erica Kane answers.. 
” Yes Greenlee,  how can I help you as I wait for the ball to drop ringing in 2018 ?! ” demands her former step-mother.  
Greenlee sighs,  while rolling her eyes like a teenager before responding.. 
” I need your help Erica,  this woman Frannie Hughes refuses to sell me WOAK and if you help me I promise not to ask a favor from you for at least a week!  ” pleads Greenlee. 
LaKane quickly agrees to comply then abruptly hangs up. 
One Couple isn’t enjoying the final day of the year. 
Lisa Grimaldi is too busy throwing major books at her husband
Cass Winthrop,  Attorney At Law
He ducks best he can,  but she makes a direct hit towards his rib side left of his stomach.. 
” Dayum it Lisa,  that really hurt!  “
He states 
She fumes.. 
” You are lucky it’s not a frying pan after what Dr. John Dixon told me he saw you with another woman I refuse to be the other woman I am Lisa Grimaldi ! ” she firmly states. 
Cass glares  .
” It’s over between us,  I want a divorce ! ” reveals Cass 
Lisa slaps him hard across the
right side of his face .
” Get out of my Hotel/Restraunt & 
  Get out of my life forever  ! ” 
  ‎she demands immediately packing few of his items into a suitcase then tossing it & Cass out of her VIP Suite. 
  ‎She composes herself after slamming the door then she calls her head Chef Buzz Cooper who agrees to blacklist Cass any entry into LakeView or Mona Lisa,  the inside Restraunt .
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