Oakdale : University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 7 , Ep5 ” Mayoral Day ” MIDNIGHT EDITION Feb 22,2018 *

Oakdale : University


Online Written

Spin-Off FanFic

Season 7 , Ep5

” Mayoral Day ”


Feb 22,2018



Today’s a big day in

Oakdale,Illinois as the residents , family , friends as well as patrons of Lisa Grimadi all prepare for a big announcement this morning .

* WOAK *

Frannie Hughes smiles watching her hard work in progress as she sees her top reporter Reva Shayne training a new intern on this her final day of owning her mothers Network station .

She couldn’t believe she finally caved in and sold it to a company she couldn’t pass up on such a lucrative offer from .

Molly Conlan Snyder is back to get into work herself while setting up her big interview with Lisa Grimaldi .

” Lisa , you are going to do great

I am sorry to hear about you and Cass Winthrop divorcing ! ”

says Molly cautiously .

Lisa just knods while holding back tears that will smear her makeup .

The two women embrace .

* Loft downtown in Mid-Town

Casey Hughes is getting out of bed in nothing but his sexy blue boxers and shirtless as his lover

Attorney At Law Liza Colby is preparing a wonderful Monte Cristo breakfast with fresh strawberries on the side & whipped cream .

He yawns , opening his white laced blinders to let the sun in .

” Babe , hurry up over here I want to finish making love to you again ! ” he teases..

Liza smiles then flips the flat screen on the tv in the living room ..

” Get out of bed sleepy head , Lisa’s making her big announcement ..” she states firmly .

He knods , jumping quickly on the couch now wearing his favorite red pajamas .

She sits by him , revealing she’s pregnant ..

” What do you think she’s going to announce ? ” asks Liza handing him his plate .

” This is soo delicious , I really do love your cooking and our baby on the way .. I have no idea when I spoke to her last night she told me her divorce to Cass is finalized ..

she’s single again ! “

recounts Casey

* WOAK *

Molly greets their loyal viewers ..

” Good Morning Oakdale , its wonderful being back !

Today I am interviewing Lisa Grimaldi the Owner of Lakeview & her trendy restraunt we can’t get enough of ..Mona Lisa ! “

she says

Turning the camera to Lisa who smiles big .

Molly begins ..

” Lisa , what an honor having you on our broadcast ..

You wanted to make an announcement ? ”

asks Molly

” Yes , thank you

As of today I am officially the new mayor of Oakdale ! ”

she announces ..

Claps are heard throughout the station ..

Later in the afternoon ..


” 911..what’s your emergency ? “

asks the operator

” Please ..help…I found a dead body off the left side of the corner alley before entering towards Java Underground ! “

revealls a trembling voice

1 hour later

** Lakeview **

Detective Cagney & Lacey are enjoying their Chicken Rosotto dinner with water in the goblet vase as a disturbing alert goes off on their cells and the entire restraunt of Mona Lisa’s ..

They play it cool , but look at each in horror reading a red headed Jane Doe was found murdered ..

They immediately go to the crime scene ..

Commissioner Margo Hughes isn’t happy seeing them back but she accepts their help .

They survey the area , when Cagney sees a shinny light in the darkness she quickly pulls out a handkerchief then puts whatever she found into her purple purse ..

What did Det . Cagney discover that could jeopardize the case ?!

Next ::

Henry helps his Sister ..

* Special Guests *

Jamie Luner as

Liza Colby

Sharon Gless as

Det. Christine Cagney

Tyne Daly as

Det. MaryBeth Lacy

Kim Zimmer as

Reva Shayne


💗 Thanks for joining us for

Sweeps Month ..

New Episodes return

March 6,2018

Kicking off Spring ..

Dedicated to :

💗 Cagney & Lacy Fans

💗 Subscribers

💗 Atwt Fans

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