Hardy Boys Mystery Hour FanFic | Season 2 Written by Susan Semenjuk Episode4  : Two Of Hearts Pt.1/3 Airdate : Feb 22,2018 #FebSweeps2018Weekend MIDNIGHT Edition


Hardy Boys Mystery Hour

FanFic | Season 2

Written by Susan Semenjuk

Episode4  :

Two Of Hearts Pt.1/3

Airdate : Feb 22,2018

#FebSweeps2018Weekend MIDNIGHT Edition

Joe and Frank Hardy were working in their office when Frank asked ” why don’t you knock off early. Go home and celebrate with your lovely wife.” Joe look puzzled and asked ” why would I do that? We have a ton of work to do.  Besides what would Tracy and I have to celebrate, it’s not her birthday.” Frank looked at his younger brother and said ” don’t tell me you forgot the most important day of your life? Joe it’s your wedding anniversary. I can’t believe you forgot.” Joe looked stunned then said ” you are right. How could I’ve forgotten that. Tracy will kill me if I don’t do something and have a special gift. I’m going to have to get her something special.” Joe left and headed to the jewelry and picked her up a special heart and key necklace in white gold. When he got home he said ” Happy Anniversary my love. I got something for you.” Tracy looked at him and said ” from the way you acted this morning I thought you forgot.” Joe said as he handed her the box ” how could I forget the most important day of my life, when I married my one true love.” Tracy smiled as she opened the box and saw the necklace. She exclaimed “Oh Joe it’s beautiful. I love it.” Joe took it out of the box and put it around her neck saying ” not as beautiful as the woman wearing it.” After he clasped it he kissed her neck.  Then he said ” Let’s go out. I made reservations at Antonios.” Tracy said ” let’s go since I’m already dressed. I was going to suggest that exact thing. Great minds think alike.” He leaned in and gave her a very deep hungry kiss. When it was broken he said ” then we can come home and have our favorite dessert, each other.” Tracy said “I like that idea. I love you so much Joe Hardy.” He kissed her again and replied “I love you just as much Tracy Hardy.”  They headed out. On the way to the restaurant they began to reminisce about their wedding day. Tracy said “I still remember your romantic proposal at that rustic cabin. We were in front of the fireplace and had just made love when you popped the question.” Joe said ” I was going to wait but you looked so beautiful and sexy all sweaty from our love making. I was nervous thinking you would say no since we had only been dating for a few months.” Tracy looked at him and said ” of course I would have said yes. I knew the moment we met that I wanted to marry you. Best decision I ever made. I couldn’t wait to get married to you.” Joe replied ” me either.”  They pulled into Antonio’s expecting a nice romantic candle lit dinner. They had no idea how this anniversary dinner would turn out.

TO Be Continue ..

* Special Guest *

Tracy Hardy

Played by Laura Wright

Dedicated to :

Laura Wright

Hardy Boys Fans


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