Oakdale : University S7E8 Pt4/6 / QUAKE ! Airdate : Jan 10, 2019

Oakdale : University
S7E8 Pt4/6 / QUAKE !

Airdate : Jan 10, 2019

We focus on the residents of
Oakdale, Illinois as they continue to deal with the crisis at hand ..

Scene 1 :

Leo Dupre’ is eating lunch outside a small eatery downtown as his ex wife
Brenda Barett appears sitting across from him at his table ..
” Havent heard anything from your friend ? ” she quips
He gets defensive .
” You know darn well that Sarah Ivory is not just my friend , she’s my girlfriend ! ”
he says upset .
Her eye brow raises slightly from her right side ..
” Oh that’s right ! ”
She remarks .

Scene 2 :

Paul Ryan & Rose D’Angelo finally get to their local surroundings as Lilly & Rose are happily reunited ..
” Thank god you are ok , i was worried you were dead ! ”
They say in unison .
Lilly cries on her twin sisters shoulders ..
” Damian Grimaldi , the father of my son Luke and my ex husband is dead sis .. He died saving my life .. He’s a hero ! ” she says
Paul fumes !
” No he’s not that man is a monster , he tortured nearly half of Oakdale last year plus he kidnapped Nikki Munson’s son too he deserves to be dead , i am only sorry i didnt get to kill him ! ” he says upset
Lilly lays into Paul slapping him very hard across the face ..
” You bastard ! ”
She states firmly

Finally ..

Scene :

Dr.Reid Oliver meets with a patient in upper east side as he witness’ an exchange going on ..
The patient lays into the handsome gay doctor ..
” How dare you follow me ! ”
says the patient defiantly
” Wrong Mr. Conrad Guppie North , i was by no means following you i was merely doing a house call as you were scheduled for surgery tmrww afternoon , after what i just saw you dont have to worry about it your day just cleared up you are no longer my patient nor welcome back to Oakdale Memorial Hospital ..
The handsome young man slyly smirks ..
” Oh really now , you think that you are God and thats it ?!
Think again ! ”
He says pulling Reid inside him apt where an unexpected kiss breaks between both ..
They head into the bedroom & make love ..
Reid moans loudly ..
” Oh Conrad ! ”

To Be Continued..

— Special Guest —

Zach Tinker as
Conrad Guppie North

Happy Holidays 🍁

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