🌼 Oakdale : University Atwt Online , Written Spin-Off , FanFic       S7 Ep9 :  Wavy Curve      Feb 26 , 2019 March Madness

🌼 Oakdale : University
Atwt Online
Written Spin-Off
S7 Ep9 : Wavy Curve
Feb  26,2019
March Madness

The residents of Oakdale , Illinois are embracing the beautiful Spring weather as they move on from the after math of the EarthQuake that shook up the entire town and took the life of
Damian Grimaldi !

We focus on Rose D’ Angelo enjoying lunch with her best friend
Mitzi Matters .
They are laughing about old times as a young blonde haired , blue eyed woman appears .
” O-M-G , is this ? ”
asks Rose smiling
Mitzi beams proudly .
‘ Rose , this is my daughter .. Mindy
her father was Damian Grimaldi ! ”

Meanwhile ..

Brenda Barett sets up a dinner for her and her ex husband Leo Dupre’
He’s been busy working as a construction guy helping out at the LakeView to assist in restoring it in its natural glory .
He sees her at the work site , she smiles being turned on by his sweaty body as he pulls it off him .
” Brenda , why are you at my work ?
Is everything ok ?! “
he demands concerned.
She reaches her hands to his to assure him she’s fine !
” It’s all good Leo , don’t go there I am 3 years Cancer free !
I arranged for us to have dinner , I just feel we both need a relaxing day just to unwind ! ” she says .
” I can’t ever say no to you , but as long as you understand its only a friendly dinner I am still commited to Sarah Ivory !
So I will meet you for dinner ,
but no wine ! ”
he demands .

2 hours later ..

They dress up with a cocktail dress & suit & tie at Emilo’s Italian Restraunt that just opened .
As they wait to get their menu’s , they run across Dr.Samuels ,
” Congratulations Leo I am soo happy for you & your wife a baby is such a blessing ! ” she hints
Leo & Brenda look at each other ..
He then realizes ..
” O-M-G ,
Sarah is pregnant with our baby ! “

Special Guest :

Introducing Lili Reinhart
as Mindy Grimaldi

Linda Rondstadt’s
” You’re No Good “

plays in the background

( Fade Out )

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