” Peppers Creek ” Romance Drama Series , Written & Created by Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) & Susan Semenjuk RETURNS Next Week ..

The #1 FanFic Romance Drama this Summer RETURNS NEXT WEEK.. ” Peppers Creek ” . Is All-New .. Catch up .. Wattpad/ PartyWill Written & Created by Willy Garza ( ParryWill ) & Susan Semenjuk

Movie Of The Week , ” SPF-18 ” on Netflix , Movie Review , Grade A+++ by Willy Garza ( Party Will ) & Jenna

πŸ“± Movie Of The Week .. ” SPF – 18 ” The arrival of an enigmatic musician in Malibu could potentially change the lives of a teenage girl and her surfer boyfriend. O-M-G I πŸ’˜ this movie .. It 🌟 Noah Centineo Molly Ringwald Keanu Reeves Rosanna Arquette Pamela Anderson Goldie Hawn So I got […]

” Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online Written Spin-Off , FanFic , Season7 Mid – Fall PREMIERE TEASER !

Oakdale : University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 7 Mid-Season TEASER Michael : I kissed Luke Snyder Barbara Ryan : Do you love Luke Snyder! Michael : How can you love somebody you don’t know ?! NEW EPISODES Return Aug 6 , 2019 Catch up .. Google .. PartyWills Online Publications Magazine

Willys View Podcast S3Ep20 : #MauraWestNight , Simplistic Sweets & Events by Bernetta

Willys View Podcast πŸ“±S3Ep20 : #MauraWestNight , Simplistic Sweets & Events By BernettaπŸ“±S3Ep20 : #MauraWestNight ,Dedicated to Maura WestSimplistic Sweets & Events By BernettaWillys View Podcast is Proud to Present#MauraWestNightHighlights of my FavoriteMaura West MomentsDedicated to Maura West !Tonight’s Episode is brought to you by” Simplistic Sweets & Events by Bernetta “Looking for a Party […]

Willys View Podcast , S3Ep19 : #JukeboxNight , Collins Closet Mens Clothing Line Store

πŸ“± S3Ep19 : #JukeboxNight , Collins Closet Mens Clothing Line Store Welcome to Collins Closet , They specialize in Fashion Forward pieces as well as Contemporary Style ! Shipping Disclaimer They EXCLUSIVELY offer FREE shipping on all orders . It may take up to 2-3 weeks for shipment from their vendors ! http://www.CollinsCloset.net Enter code […]

Oakdale : University , Atwt Online Written Spin-Off , FanFic , Season 7 Mid-Season Fall PREMIERE PROMO

This Fall .. Carly gets closer to Jack as a new threat looms on the horizon .. Barbara Ryan becomes a suspect on a ongoing murder investigation .. The mystery of Margo Hughes continues .. Sara Ivory RETURNS ! Jacob Snyder will test his boyfriends loyalty .. Luke makes a shocking discovery.. Dr. Susan Stewart […]

” Peppers Creek ” FanFic Romance , Drama Series by PartyWill , Written by Susan Semenjuk , Dedicated to Nolan Gerard Funk , Happy Birthday Nolan ! , July 27, 2019

A SpecialAll -New #PEPPERSCREEKSTARTS NOW !Written by Susan SemenjukDedicated to Nolan Gerard FunkHappy Birthday Nolan !I think you’d like this story: “PeppersCreek : FanFic Romance , Drama Series PartyWill” by PartyWill on Wattpad https://t.co/8pzDzuiLVC

Set DVRS , TONIGHT , V.C. Andrews ” Heaven ” DEBUTS on Lifetime , July 27,2019

πŸ’¬ SET DVRS .. V.C. Andrews Casteel Series DEBUTS Tonight with : Heaven on Lifetime. . Clear out your Dvr Storage this is one you will want to keep !!! Check Local Listings !!! Summary :: “Heaven” introduces the infamous Casteel family, the least regarded of all the families living in the poverty-stricken foothills of […]

Willys View Podcast Wraps up Season3 Aug 2019 , Season4 RETURNS Fall 2019

Thank you from the Bottom of my ❀ to all of you Dear Listeners & Daytime Fans who have been on my exciting Journey of my Podcast this Season .. I wrap up my Season Finale’ of Willys View Podcast with a very Special Guest ..in August Season 4 kicks off this Fall !!! Thanks […]