Oakdale University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off Season7 Ep13 , Rock It Oakdale , Pt 4 of 4 , Dedicated to Bonjovi ,Terri Conn , July 9 , 2019

” Oakdale : University ”
Online Written
Ep13 : Rock It Oakdale !
Pt4 /4
May Sweeps 2019
July 9 , 2019


It was a big nighy for BinJovi’s concert , hr had agreed to meet with a frw key residents one being Lucinda Walsh .He was in awe of her beauty ..she had been know over the years of being the Socialite of Oakdale ,lllinois. Hr was smitten yet he already had eyes for one specific woman in town .”Lucinda , its a pleasure to meet you !” He was smiling . She couldnt help feel like a teenaged groupie around him . ” I simply had to meet you of course u I am one of many fans of yours that music of ur has had such a big transition in my life over years !” She admitted out loud even to herself ” I am touched , I enjoy performing for others and if my music those lives even better , its my passion to make others happy !”She smiles , then she pulls him into an unexepected kiss . ” Pardon my Abrassiveness ,I always wanted to do that ” she teases satisfied by the kiss . He catches his breathe. “Point well taken !” He says . “Shall we enjoy a nice brunch before you head out ?” She ask “Brunch ? , its evening ..” He says piqued by her comment. ” I skipped lunch , shall we ?” She replied pointing to the outside patio decorated for the 4th of July coming up . Again he was in awe , even seeing her butler Mattrew outside on the grill , grilling up T-Bone steaks was just a masterpiece . The Meal was exquisite , much as the woman herself .

Meanwhile ..

Molly Snyder is repost an update on EPA WOAK involving Dr. Reid Oliver having been shot among other patients over at Oakdale , Memorial Hospital merely over an hour ago..”We just learned he’s in ICU ,fighting for his life , but he will be flown out of town for immediate surgery ..”she reveals as tears flow down her face . Her husband Holden watching from the control booth smiling at her for support

The sad news hits the town like a SHOCK WAVE ..

Luke Snyder is at the park seeing Michael, Noah Mayers third brother who is a triplet crying on a bench . “Michael, what is it?! “
he demands concerned .
” It’s the news , they reported
Dr.Reid Oliver was shot along with patients by some twisted homophobic mad man who turns out is a patient of Reeds ..
” Oh Luke , what if he dies ?! ”
Why is this man important to me ?! “
demands Michael .
They embrace , then they share an unexpected kiss ..
Luke is thrown ..
” Noah ?! ”
he demands .

Dr. Susan Stewart witness’ the romantic exchange & has her suspicions ..
She exits the park immediately ..

Few hours later ..

Katy Peretti Snyder sees former
Detective Jack Snyder who embraces his ex lover & best friend as he’s working outside on his garden ..
” Katy , what brings you by my neck of the woods ? ” he asks curious
” I am here to say goodbye ,
Reid is being flown to Los Angeles , California they are ready to go the distance to save his life ..
I am going to be by his side , but i wont be coming back , i need a reset after everything that has happened ! ”
she says tears flowing down her face .
” Don’t be a stranger ! ”
he says .

Meanwhile Jon Bonjovi surprises Luke Snyder with a check for a Two Hundred & Fifty Thousand Dollars donated to his Snyder Charity Fund .
” I like how you being a young gay man is representing the LGBTQ community and i am proud to invest in your Charity’s future ! ” he says
” Oh wow thank you soo much ! ”
he says excitedly .
They both embrace .

Finally ..

The Concert kicks off as Bonjovi performs songs such as Wanted , Bad Name & many other classic hits ..

Cemetary ..

Katy tells her father Casey that she’s leaving ..
” I just want you to be proud of me ! ”
she says as a gust of wind blows strong as her fathers angelic vision appears. .
” Katy , my sweet princess i am your father baby girl & i will always be proud of you , your destiny is waiting go spread your wings , i love you ! ”
he says .

Katy meets up with Jon BonJovi
” Alright , i am all packed , lets go before i get cold feet ! ”
she says leaning in to kiss him !

Thanks to everybody who have read & enjoyed this fun story arc ..

Dedicated to

Terri Conn
I Miss As The World Turns

New Episodes RETURN SOON ..

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