Oakdale University , Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 7 Episode 14 , Favorites , July 16,2019 , Dedicated to Colleen Zenk , Jesse Soffer

” Oakdale : University ”
Online Written
Ep14, : Favorites

The Summer winds are strong outside today in Oakdale , Illinois as we focus on Luke Snyder meeting up with Jacob Snyder .
” Thanks for meeting me for lunch Luke I really needed to talk with somebody especially since my mom skipped town to go find herself ! ” recounts Jacob sadly.
” I am here , whatever you need your phone call sounded urgent what is going on ? ” he asks cautiously ..
” How do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you ?! ”
demands a hurt and confused Jacob .
Luke is flooded as a sense of Dejavu immediately sets in ..

Meanwhile. .

Over at Will Munson’s Estate ..

Barbara Ryan is doting over her twin sons excited yet nervous about their blind dates she set up for them for the evening ..
They run downstairs to get her approval on the Shirts they chose ..
Will opted for a Navy Blue dress shirt , while Max chose the Aqua Blue ..
” Alright Mother , be honest now ..
Which one do you like better ?! ”
They demand in unison .
Tears slowly form as she thinks how wonderful it would have been seeing her two twin boys growing up together if only her evil ex husband had not kidnapped Max as a baby and sold him to another family in Springfield , Illinois ..
The bickering brings her back to reality ..
” I am her favorite ! ”
states Will firmly ..
” SHUT UP , I am her favorite ! ”
says Max Defensively ..
Barbara plays referee ..
” That’s enough now both of you ..
You are both my favorites ! ”
she says smiling ..

Paul Ryan enters ..
” Wow Babs did you forget about me your other son ?! ”
demands Paul

The siblings laugh as Barbara embraces her sons ..
” Aww , I love all my boys ..err men ! ”
she quips ..

Dedicated to

Colleen Zenk
Jesse Soffer

Max Knickerson played by
Jesse Soffer ..

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