” Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic , S7Ep17 ” Bang Bang Baby ! ” / Summer Hiatus Mid-Summer Season Finale’ , July 25 , 2019

” Oakdale : University “
Atwt Online Written
Spin-Off FanFic
Season 7
Episode 17 : ” Bang Bang Baby ! ”
Airdate : July 25 , 2019
Summer Hiatus Mid Season Finale’

Written by Willy Garza , Party Will


Tonight’s Episode has Triggers ..
MATURE Audience !

It is mid afternoon , when Dusty Donovan is receiving a surprising missed call , from all people former Chief Of Police Margo Hughes ?!
The caller leaves a cryptic voice message , unfortunately it is pure static ..
Naturally this immediately sets off red flags as he calls up Former Detective Jack Snyder ..
Tom Hughes can’t be reached at this time !
” Why the hell won’t anybody answer their DAYUM phones ! ”
he says upset & concerned ..
Luckily , he meets up with his only daughter with Meg Snyder Serena Jones !
She’s distraught , he tries his best to console her .
” Sweety , what has so out of sorts ?! “
He demands unable to hide his concern .
” It’s my students in my class ..
They are outright bullies , there’s three obnoxious individuals that act so superior to the women that its disgusting on all levels ! ” she states ..
He feels her trembling ..
His blood begins to boil as he senses something is very wrong .
He misses another call as his daughter’s situation takes priority !

Meanwhile ..

Dr. Susan Stewart finds a way to maintain a patient who is having a panic attack.
she too offers her comfort then as she succeeds in calming him down ..
she asks ,
” How about a refreshing soda , my treat what kind would you like from my mini fridge ? ” she asks ..
He slowly eyes the variety of sodas ..
Root Beer , Fanta Red , Sprite with Lemon
Grape , Big Red & Pepsi , Water .

Elsewhere ..

The ER is ROCKED , as a patient arrives in pain and in blood stained shirt ..
Carly Snyder , Rosanna Cabbott & Jack Snyder are followed right behind him ..
” Jack . . my brother can’t die ..
not Rick ! ” she says in tears as she breaks down in his arms ..
Rosanna looks on .

Will tragedy bring Carly & Jack together ?!

Chief Of Staff Christopher Hughes learns from Rosanna how Rick tried being a hero to Dusty Donovan’s daughter .
She was almost raped by three of her students luckily , Rick stopped the violent act that would have occurred at Oakdale University on Serena’s 1st day back as a Creative Arts teacher ..
They had cornered her ..
She almost barely survived ..
One guy Gus he had kept taunting her by pulling at her beautiful pink saflon colored dress & her tied up pony tail ..
The 2nd guy Elron lead her to the dark corner of the room trying to push himself on her as she screamed !
The 3rd guy Donnie held her arms up against the wall ready to unleash the acts that they had intended ..
Rick also starting his 1st day back came upon the terrifying situation ..
He broke the horny college men ready to attack her further ..
A gun shot went off according to the police report she was given ..
Now Rick is fighting for his life !

New Episodes RETURNS ..

FALL 2019 ..

Season Finale’ continues ..

Hiatus will end soon ..

Thanks for reading for 7 exciting Seasons

—– Cast —-

Rick Tenney played by
Billy Miller

Serena Jones
Played by Demi Lovato

Special Guests

Played by
Charles Melton

Elron played by
Casey Cott

Donnie played by
Noah Centino

Published by PartyWill

Hola Amigo's , Willy here 42 Single Latino Dad raising my beautiful 9 yr old daughter and proud of my 18 yrs old son . I am a Movie Buff , Social Butterfly , Screenplay , Tele Novella , Online FanFic Writer and soon to be a Published Author for you kindle users ! I am GayProud and Support not only Marriage Equality , but Supporting Our Troops .

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