” Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online Written Spin-Off. FanFic S7Ep21 : ” Missing Among Us ”                   Pt3/5 Written by Susan Semenjuk Labor Day EDITION Sept 2 , 2019

” Oakdale : University ”
Atwt Online Written
Spin-Off. FanFic
S7Ep21 : ” Missing Among Us ”
Written by Susan Semenjuk
Sept 2 , 2019

While the residents of Oakdale, Illinois
are separated throughout town in hopes of helping during such a dark time. .

Leo Du Pres and his lover Sarah Ivory joined the search for Casey Hughes’ missing twins. As they searched around Oakdale Sarah said ,
“ I can’t even begin to imagine what Casey is going through. I would go crazy if anything happened to Alex ! ”
Leo nodded and said ,
“ I know what you mean, if this had happened to Hunter I would look high and low for him. “
Sarah asked ,
“ Do you think if anything happened to Hunter that it would bring Brenda and you closer?”
Leo stopped and looked at Sarah and said ,
“ What Brenda and I have is over, the only relationship we have is co parents to our son. I love you Sarah.”
Sarah responded ,
“ But I know she still loves you and will do anything to get you back. I don’t honestly know if I can compete with her.”
Leo grabbed Sarah and kissed her long and deep then said ,
“ Let her try, she won’t succeed.”
They kissed again before joining hands to continue their search.
They decided to take a break and sit on a rock where they proceeded to make out. When it was time to get back to the search Sarah got up and nearly fell. Leo caught her and said “ are you ok?” to which she replied “ I just felt dizzy, I’ll be ok.” She tried to walk but again collapsed in Leo’s arms. Leo said “ That’s it, I’m taking you to the hospital to get checked out.”
She protested by saying ,
“ We have to keep searching. I’ll be ok.”
Leo said ,
“ There are other’s searching, we need to take care of you.”
Leo got her in his car and drove to Memorial Hospital.
As he waited for her to get checked out he prayed she’d be ok.
When his brother Dr. David Hayward came out , Leo jumped up and Leo said ,
“ How is she David? , Will she be OK?! ” David looked at his brother and said ,
“ She’ll be fine. She’s just very dehydrated and needs to stay here for awhile.”
Leo sighed in relief and said ,
“ Thank God. Can I see her and would it be possible to stay in her room overnight. I don’t want to leave her side.”
David smiled and said ,
“Yes you can see her and I figured you’d want to be glued to her side so I arranged for you to sleep in her room.”
Leo hugged his brother and said ,
“ Thank you David.”
David took him to Sarah’s room where she was awake. He said , “Hi, how are you feeling?”

Sarah took Leo’s hand and said “I’m fine but your brother tells me I need to stay here awhile and rest.”
Leo said “, so he told me but I’m not going to leave your side my love.”
Sarah smiled and said ,
“ Well you will have to leave sometimes to check on the boys make sure they are staying out of trouble and ok.
Will you do that for me?”
Leo kissed her hand and said ,
“ Of course baby , There’s nothing I won’t do for you.
Is there anything I can do for you now?”
To which she slyly smiled and said ,
“ Can you get into bed with me and just hold me?”
Leo slipped into her hospital bed and just held her.

Happy Labor Day from All Us At
” Oakdale : University ”

” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ”

” Willys View Podcast ”

Willy & Susan

— Special Guests —

Dr. David Hayward played by
Vincent Irizzary

Leo Du Pres
Played by Josh Duhamel

Sarah Ivory played by
Susan Semenjuk

Happy Fall 2019 🍁

To Be Continued..

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