Y&R EXCLUSIVE SPOILERS , Bonus Update on Mishael Morgan’s Creepy New Thriller !

Y&R EXCLUSIVE SPOILERS , Bonus Update on Mishael Morgan’s Creepy New Thriller !

According to close knit sources , i recently learned that our dear Mysterious Amanda Sinclair will harbor more than just your few shed secrets !

Expect lots of Drama , Chaos Y&R style !

The fact that the latest stories going on in Genoa City are nearly losing viewers almost daily meant that Daytime’s Hottest #1 Soap Opera on Cbs would have to pull out all the stops for February Sweeps ..

Here we go .. If you been paying attention you will notice subtle hinted clues ..

Such as how Amanda interacts with those around her like

Phyllis , Mariah , Devon , Nate , Cane , Jill , Lilly , and now recently the much overly poorly written character of Elena !

As i said focus on how her eye brows are raised in situations , lets not forget that slick witty sly smirk of hers like the cat who ate the canary .

Yes my friends its ..Hiliary 2.0..

with a twist ..

Rumors circling she could be A long lost twin , but wait till Riley

Amanda’s abusive ex husband hits town like a over due tornado meant to shake up the entire town to its core as the revelation that Amanda is Hiliary !

However , does she know who she is or is she faking amnesia like others doubted Adam Newman when he returned ?!

Could there be a connection ?

I also want to mention to focus on her Hiliary type antics pulling out a page from Phyllis Summers playbook , exactly she hired somebody to wipe her entire history ?!

Finally , in closing ..

This Sweeps story will affect many on canvas , people will be feeling hurt , confused , betrayed ?!

The reveal is defintely on its way but dont give up due to the annoying

Political Press Conference that will Pre-Empt our beloved Soaps just as the biggest Season in Daytime is ready to kick off like SuperBowl Sunday !

Lilly will be deeply involved as the mystery of Amanda unravels ..

Could it be possible she went crazy after losing hers and Devons baby enough to merit a split personality ?!

Devon will be riding on the apology band wagon soon enough !

Which i for one can’t wait for Hiliary to put him in his place !

He will get it from all sides on how he treated her as Amanda

Will they be reunited ?!

Alas , it wouldn’t be a Soap Opera with more surprises that will challenge these star crossed lovers ..

Could Phyllis the towns own private

Nancy Drew know she is Hiliary Curtis

in her own way but isnt ready to expose her if only to maintain such a solid friendship ?

What about Billy / Amanda ?

They could have hot sex sure. .

but dont worry the reveal will shake their friendship too..

Don’t worry about Nate who is smitten by Amanda ‘

He will share Elena’s bed soon when an event occurs to bring couples closer and apart !

Should Josh Griffith be fired ?

* I am impressed by the Sharon Breast Cancer storyline , Chance / Phyllis dalliance / Adam & Chelsea’s coupling..

so i will await to have him fired as long as he doesnt do our girl ..

Mishael Morgan wrong other wise

Can his Ass i say !

✨ Congrats to the actress on being cast into a central role in an upcomming Creepy Thriller titled

Buckle Up .. Mishael Morgan’s here to play and everybody is going to have to have a score card as she continues as ” Amanda Sinclair / Hiliary Curtis on Y&R

” A Killer In My Home “

I don’t know about you all but i am getting my popcorn ready

Lilly vs Hiliary …

Wahoo !!!

That is Sweeps Worthy 

Keep it here on all Daytime Spoilers & More ..

Click link to view Trailer for

     ” A Killer In My Home “

      on Youtube ..

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