Oakdale University Atwt Online Written – Spin-Off FanFic S7/ Ep29: ” You Are Coming Home With Me ! ” Jan 31st , 2020 Feb Sweeps Dedicated to Mindy McCready

Oakdale University

Atwt Online

Written – Spin-Off FanFic

S7/ Ep29:

” You Are Coming Home With Me ! “

Jan 31st , 2020

Feb Sweeps

Dedicated to Mindy McCready

Carly Tenney is seen leaving the local grocery store of Siggs Shop Mart downtown of Midtown as she is chatting up with a new gal pal she met inside nearly an hour ago .

” Oh Carly , you are such a doll agreeing to share your heart pound cake receipe with me ! ” she says happily .

Tunie Lott , my pleasure sweety lets get these groceries into our cars and go pay my sister Rosanna a visit .

You are going to love Oakdale , Illinois .

I am really glad you took me up on being my roommate my apt is soo empty with my kids all grown up now , you know that empty nest syndrome ! ” she teases .

Both women embrace .

” I am truly appreciative the hotels I searched were all booked up so was LakeView unfortunately ! “

says the blonde stunner .

” Oh honey , its February ..

everything gets booked early around here.

Ok lets go see my sister ! “

she says .

Carly smiles while heading to her 2016 Dodge Ram Truck .

Tunie smiles back as she enters her 2014 red Ford Ecko Sport vehicle ..

Meanwhile ..

Casey Hughes is also finding a new connection he never expected as life turns out that way at times ..

He is surprised to see Dr . Reid Oliver obviously with lack of sleep , a definitely need of a shave on his face .

” Oh my Reed , why are you out here by yourself ?! ” demands a concerned Casey .

” Oh hey there Casey ,

my S.O.B. landlord rented out my apt while I was in a coma in Los Angeles , Calif which sucks since I was paid up to the whole DAYUM year contract ! ” he says sadly .

” O-M-G . . Reed you are homeless ?!

Grab your stuff man .. You are coming home with me . . my treat we are cooking up steaks tonight ! ” he teases .

” Thanks Casey , thanks you a life saver ! “

he says subtly checking out Casey Hughes in his red dodgers cap , and tee.

He sure was seeing him in a new light ..

-*** Special Guest

Tunie played by Mindy McCready ..

R.I.P. Mindy

We ο’˜ U

Miss U

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