” Oakdale : University ” Atwt – Online Written Spin-Off , FanFic Season 7 Ep30 : ” Gotcha ! ” Feb Sweeps Feb 6, 2020 Midnight Edition

” Oakdale : University ”
Atwt – Online Written
Spin-Off , FanFic Season 7
Ep30 : ” Gotcha ! ”
Feb Sweeps
Feb 6, 2020
Midnight Edition

The town of Oakdale , Illinois were gearing up for the biggest Valentine’s Day Party kicking off in a few short weeks ..

We focus on Reid Oliver the New Chief Of Staff at
Oakdale , Memorial Hospital enjoying his morning one of his reality shows , while enjoying the show going on in the kitchen ..
Casey Hughes shirtless , wearing nothing but red jogging pants.
” Is he literally wanting me to just jump his bones ?! ”
Reid muses to himself ..
Back to reality ..
” Reid ..Reid ..did you want some breakfast ? ” asks Casey .
You could just melt with those sparkling eyes of his .
” Sure Sport ,
whatever floats your boat I can eat just about anything ! ”
he replies .
Few moments later , he hands him a delicious plate of 2 eggs over easy , 3 slices of bacon , fresh sliced pineapples , orange juice .
Upon devouring such a meal he goes closely to his now Roomate smiling .
” Thank you for such a delicious meal Mr.Hughes , i will have to think up some way to repay you ! ” he teases ..heading to his bedroom ..
Casey shocked himself ..
” O-M-G..what’s going on ?! ”
he demands to himself feeling his body tingle through his spine down to his bulging manhood ..
He rushes into the bathroom to get a cold shower in .. his mind lingering to the almost kiss he shared with Reid ! ”

The radio in the background plays Justin Bieber’s ” Yummy ”

Meanwhile ..

Lisa Grimaldi is surprised to see who she thinks is Noah Mayer at the bar of the LakeView ..
” Afternoon , Noah what brings you by here for lunch ?
Did you need plans for your upcomming wedding to Luke Snyder ? ” she asks excitedly ..
The man slyly grins making her a bit uneasy ..
” Who the hell
are you an imposter ?! “
she demands
” I am Michael ,
Noah’s other brother our mother rest her soul had triplets ! ” he teases.
Lisa faints ..

Cast. .

Jake Silbermann as Michael..

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