” Oakdale : University “Atwt – Online WrittenSpin-Off , FanFicSeason 7 Ep31  :” Take Me , As Is ! ”Feb Sweeps Feb 15 , 2020Midnight EditionValentines Day – Feb Sweeps

” Oakdale : University “
Atwt – Online Written
Spin-Off , FanFic
Season 7 Ep31  :

” Take Me , As Is ! ”
Feb Sweeps Feb 15 , 2020
Midnight Edition

Valentines Day – Feb Sweeps

The streets of Oakdale , Illinois was filled with festive decorations for the big event taking place ,
Valentines Day !

Chief Of Staff of Memorial Hospital , Dr. Reid Oliver is entering the apt that he is roomates with Casey Hughes smiling with a red rose in his hands and a box of chocalates and dvd .
He sees Casey is still in bed asleep with his door half ajar , he looked like an angel sleeping .
He puts the surprises away for later .
Then he gets to starting up the coffee pot with its fresh roasted blends in their Keiurig coffee maker .
He gets the creamers ready to start the coffee ..
He hears the alarm go off inside Casey’s bedroom .
It’s adorable hearing him run around trying to find his phone to shut it off .

Meanwhile ..

Luke & Noah are snuggled cozy in their bed with satin silk sheets and smiles .
” Happy Valentine’s Day lover , i am soo excited for tonight are you ?! “
teases Luke giving Noah his eskimo kisses .
He stirs ..
Mmm..morning babe , i am sorry if i waking up late ,
did i miss anything ? ” asks Noah
Luke couldn’t help himself. .
He gets back into the covers ..
” Make love to me Noah , then we will get breakfast and more after ! “
he requests lovingly ..
Noah knods in agreement. .
” As you demand , lets do this ! “
he says .
They pull off their shirts , remove their clothes as loud moans between kisses and making out begins.  .

Elsewhere ..

Former Det . Jack Snyder is paying his cousin Holden Snyder a surprise visit.
” Holden , i am here to give you an update about your wife …
Molly never arrived in Fairwestmore , Parkway Newyork as her Dear John letter indicated …
I am sorry buddy i had no choice i made the call ..
She is officially considered missing ! “
reveals Jack .

Over at the Walsh Estate ..

Lilly , Rose meet up with Carly Tenney & Rosanna .
” I spoke to Emily she wanted to help us in our search party but she’s got a cold so it’s just girls ! ” hints Rose .
” We need to get going , i spoke to a private investigator who hints my cousin Molly was last seen in Bonkers , Delaware ! ” teases Carly .
The women pack their bags & purses then head out .

Rose notices a envelope that she keeps hidden inside her purse .

Back at Casey’s ..
Reid tells him there’s coffee ready .
” What time you headed to work ? “
he asks
” It’s mine and Noah Mayer’s off day you ? ” he asks grabbing the coffee .
” I am going in later tonight , too many people will only annoy me anyway .
I got you a few items ..
Happy Valentines Day Casey Hughes ! “
says Reid excitedly .
Casey smiles enjoying his gifts .
” Oh wow man , thanks i love my gifts and i never seen this dvd ..
I like Super Hero movies ! “
says Casey .
Reid beams happy.
He gets closer as Casey indicates ..
” I got your gift too figured why not right , it’s in my bedroom by my window ! ” he teases .
Reid follows him back to the room ..
He pulls out a portrait that is covered .
He slowly unwraps it ..
Revealing 6 various dogs playing poker .
” Thank you Casey , this is such a sweet gesture ! ” says Reid
Casey shrugs …
” It was nothing , i just figured why not ! ” he says
Reid smiles longingly at him .
” It’s not nothing .. It’s very special just like you !

There’s a pause between them .

” I didn’t think I could want you more than this moment ! ” teases Reid

” Why wait , I am right here ! “

says Casey

” C’mere Mr.Hughes ..are you sure about this ?! ” he asks

” I never been sure of

anything in my life ! ” he replies

Then suddendly they share the most tender and romantic liplock between friends .

The kiss lingers for a few mere seconds but they both enjoy how it makes them feel ..

They get more intimate ..

They pull off their shirts , close the door , loud moans as Reid kisses Casey from his neck down to his muscled toned body ..

The hot kisses make him swoon he never felt such a energy like this !

Casey gets agressive as they both match their lips to each other again holding each other close neither breaking away ..

” Casey.  . ” says Reid

” Yeah ? ” he asks.  .

” I want to make love to you right now are you ready for this ? ” asks Reid .

Casey stops to think and pause .

” I am attracted to you no doubt Reid i been having really vivid fantasies of us in my bed together ! ” he says

Reid beams again ..

” Really you have ?! “

he asks excitedly .

” Yeah man , i can’t get you out of my head ! ” says Casey .

They kiss again. .

” We can go as slow or fast as you want to go it is your call ! ” says Reid.

Casey pulls him closer again ..

” Let’s do this Mr.Oliver ! ” he teases.

They smile longingly at each other ..

A red BMW is driving into town ..

We notice the driver it’s

Legal Eagle .. Liza Colby. .

Casey Hughes’ ex wife ..

Happy Valentines Day from

Oakdale : University ..

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