Exclusive Gh SPOILERS !

Exclusive Gh SPOILERS !

~~ Gh Spoilers ~~

Michael being a new daddy may be short lived as Chase feels close connection to Wiley as Mikey does ..

Possible Chase is really a daddy ?

Willow acts out ..

The person killing people is Cyrus he wants people to suffer .

Gh gets Full Er w Casualities

A new stranger hits town ..

Could Curtis find a new friend that steers him away from his wedding blues being married to Jordan isnt no picnic at the park !

Laura devises a plan to get Ava away from her son .

Ava gets betrayed again ..

An exciting adventure sends lovers , enemies & friends into the new chapter in their lives that shakes things up .

A misunderstanding creates a domino affect.

Kisses lead to passion ..

Will Liz get a broken heart as Jason helps her see that Franco may not be all she thinks he is .

Trina’s new status quo in town stirs up emotions from everybody .

Cameron shares a deep connection to a lucky lady soon .

Thanks for reading. .

More updates soon ..

Liz challenges Franco ..

Their relationship is tested again. .

Sam has a dilema when a man from her past causes conflict in her present. .

How will Jason deal ?!

Published by PartyWill

Hola Amigo's , Willy here 42 Single Latino Dad raising my beautiful 9 yr old daughter and proud of my 18 yrs old son . I am a Movie Buff , Social Butterfly , Screenplay , Tele Novella , Online FanFic Writer and soon to be a Published Author for you kindle users ! I am GayProud and Support not only Marriage Equality , but Supporting Our Troops .

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