” Oakdale : University “Atwt – Online WrittenSpin-Off , FanFicSeason 7 Ep32 :” Love SPRINGS ETERNAL  ! ”Feb Sweeps Feb 28 , 2020Midnight Edition

” Oakdale : University “

Atwt – Online Written

Spin-Off , FanFic

Season 7 Ep32 :


Feb Sweeps Feb 28 , 2020

Midnight Edition

The residents of Oakdale , Illinois are swept away by their emotions , agendas and the secrets they keep ..

We focus on Lucinda Walsh who manages to be ready to take on the world again after having recently admitting to shooting a mystery man few weeks ago in self defense to Barbara Ryan .

Henry Coleman drops by to check in on Barbara , only to be surprised seeing Lucinda !

” Oh wow , i didn’t expect to see you today ! ” he says unexpectedly..


Casey Hughes’ ex wife , Liza Colby checks into the Lake View as his grandmother Lisa Grimaldi immediately puts her on notice !

” I don’t know why on earth you are back in town Liza , but if it is to hurt my grandson again with your crazy antics you can check leave for all i care ! ” she says defensively ..

” I understand your anger , i hate myself for what i did .. but look at it from my perspective Lisa. . i had my twin babys son & daughter kidnapped out from under Casey & I that takes a toll on a person .

I love him dearly & i want him back ! “

She proclaims..

Dr.Reid Oliver & Casey Hughes enter together hand in hand ..

Intriguing Lisa and upsetting Liza ..

” You are too late Liza Colby , Casey Hughes is happier with me now as a matter of fact .. We are officially a couple ! ” he states firmly ..

Luke Snyder & Noah Mayer are dining at the lobby when they see the towns latest couple go public .

Luke chides ..

” Get a room ! “

Noah gets ticked off ..

He pulls Luke aside ..

” Wow really ..Get a room huh ?!

Go screw yourself Luke Snyder if Reid & Casey’s relationship bothers you soo much you can pursue them both we are done .. Our engagement is off ..

I don’t wanna marry you ! “

announces Noah slapping Luke ..

Finally ..

Rosanna Cabott is at the office of World Wide , as she gets a call from Lucinda ..

” Lucinda ?

What can i do to help you ?! “

she asks curiously ..

” I need your help to

cover a murder ! ” she hints

Rosanna is intrigued ..

Back at the LakeView ..

Casey kisses Reid then teases he will be back but first he needs to deal with Luke ..

Noah pulls Reid aside as they have a confrontation themselves ..

” You had to rub your nose into everybodys business didn’t you Reid you just had to announce your new found relationship with Casey for everybody to hear without any regard to who it could hurt ?! “

demands Noah / Michael .

Luke prepares to take on Casey outside ..

” So you are Gay now ?! “

demands Luke

” Shut up Luke !

I barely finding myself dating Reid if you don’t like tough cookies , we are happy together ..

Hell he is happier with me than he was with you ! ” says Casey

Luke slaps Casey ..

” I hate you Casey Hughes ! “

he says tears streaming down his face .

” How dare you sleep with Reid you knew it would hurt me , yet you still decided to date him with no regard to my feelings ?! ‘ demands Luke .

‘ Screw you Luke Snyder , i hate you too ! ” says Casey

Reid is taken by surprise as is Liza , Luke , Casey , Lisa ..

Noah switches to his Michael personality and kisses Reid Oliver !

” I just had to see what the big fuss was about ! ” he teases ..

Reid pushes Noah away ..

” Who the hell are you ?! “

demands Reid confused ..

” Meet Michael ..

Noah has a split personality he switches to his brother Michael ! “

announces Luke .

Enter the Real Michael ..

” Tsk-Tsk ..

I always miss all the fun..

Catch me up ?! “

he demands with a sly smirk !

Cast —

Jake Silbermann as

Noah Mayer


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Mid Spring ..

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Hola Amigo's , Willy here 42 Single Latino Dad raising my beautiful 9 yr old daughter and proud of my 18 yrs old son . I am a Movie Buff , Social Butterfly , Screenplay , Tele Novella , Online FanFic Writer and soon to be a Published Author for you kindle users ! I am GayProud and Support not only Marriage Equality , but Supporting Our Troops .

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