Exclusive Y&R Spoilers + Wishes to Greg Rikaarts Speedy Recovery !

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

Victors past catches up to him as he is blind sided ..

Amanda & Devon try a way to help Jarod .

Jarod has new reason to admire & respect those helping him. .

A pregnancy is looming. .

Victor’s Kanas secret is EXPLOSIVE !

Alyssa wants Victor Newman to pay how far will Adam go to dig up the truth ?!

Nikki fears the worst for her daughter is something else deeper going on with Victoria

Jack takes action ..

Kyle’s reaction to Theo & Lola’s latest escapade results to a surprising reaction from Summer one he doesn’t see coming .

Billy + Lilly make share a close moment but when the chips are down.  .

He is right there to offer assist to Amanda

Nate & Amanda continue their flirtation dance ..

The obvious rewrite of changing Cliffs death from a tractor to murder has many loyal Y&R Fans upset and rightly so ..

I myself do not like how suddenly Hope is being portrayed in a bad light , but let’s look at the source of who is writing such a yarn the same guy who tainted Catherine Chancelor’s memory during the whole Colin debacle !

The rumor of Adam Newman possibly not being Victor’s son continues to make traction ..does it have any substance ?

Don’t leave Amanda’s past out. .

Kendra is looming ..

Chelsea continues to be Adams personel cheerleader as she realizes how much fun it is being on the edge of the dark side !

Nick gets blind sided by the truth

Will Nikki uncover Victors secret sooner than later ?!

Thank you for enjoying my Magazine.

Please stay safe , wash hands ..

self distancing ..

— Y&R has enough taped episodes to air through mid April i was told if the shut down continues can we expect classic moments from the past to fill the airtime needed in the shows time slot ?!

I think a fun way would be ask the fans for requested moments to shake up ratings !

Finally —

Let’s all continue to send prayers to Greg Rikaart ( Kevin Fisher ) on his speedy recovery !

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