” Oakdale : University “AtwtOnline WrittenSpin-OffFanFicSeason 7 – Ep 33” Playing With Fire ! “Pt.1/6April 4 , 2020

” Oakdale : University “


Online Written



Season 7 – Ep 33

” Playing With Fire ! “


April 4 , 2020

— Emily Stewart’s office at

    City Times

She is enjoying the sunny day outside , as her windows are open letting in fresh air while she is watering her plants set in both corners of her office .

She looks sharp wearing her zebra print dress with her blonde hair up in a pony tail .

Meanwhile ..

— Oakdale , Memorial Hospital

Dr.Reid Oliver & also Chief Of Staff to the hospital is on the phone with his boyfriend Casey Hughes ..

” I can’t stop thinking about you too , i was thinking we take a weekend trip to get away from town just to focus on us ! ” he says suggestively .

Casey & Reids Apt ..

Casey is enjoying making a tuna sandwhich , with side salad as he wraps up his call with Reid.

” Aww look at you being the romantic , sure babe why not !

No .. Luke has not shown up yet i know .. I know i promise to hear him out. . love you too , i will make us some delicious nachos for dinner to go with our movie night tonight ! “

Teases Casey smiling .

A knock at the door , has Luke Snyder ready to talk with Casey .

” Thank you for agreeing

to meet with me ! “

says Luke

” I am trying to be nice to you more than you deserve did you at least fix your relationship with Noah Mayer ?! “

demands Casey concerned .

” No .. he ended our engagement , our relationship is over he moved out he is staying at the Lake View .

Lisa is being her over protective self and won’t let me talk to him ! “

says Luke

” I can’t say i blame him for ending it with you it was really lousy how you behaved the other day in public ..

You better accept my relationship with Reid otherwise you and I are done as friends understood ?! “

demands Casey

— Emily’s Office. .

Rosanna Cabott shows up to see her

” Emily , i came over soon as you called what is going on ?! “

demands Rosanna

” I had a flash back of a murder ..

Rosanna Lucinda Walsh killed a man in

Barbara Ryan’s home ! “

Reveals Emily

To Be Continued ..

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