” Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online Written Spin -Off , FanFic , Season 7 , Ep 33 ” Playing With Fire ” Pt4/6 , Weekend Edition , June 6 , 2020

” Oakdale : University “






Season 7

Ep 33 ” Playing With Fire ” Pt 4/6

Weekend Edition

The fierce windy breeze passing through residents & tourists faces during this refreshing summer afternoon in Oakdale , Illinois is perfect weather to fit the moods of many .

Lilly & Rose are beside themselves as Holden Snyder offers his support .

” I am very sorry to hear that Lucinda Walsh is going to trial for murder ! “

he says sadly .

They all embrace .

Meanwhile ..

Luke Snyder is trying to get into his car as he is caught unexpectedly by hands covering his mouth with a hankerchief full of chloroform enough to knock him out uncouncious as he is whisked away in a black van ..

Barbara Snyder is relieved to see her adoptive son Connor who is home from boarding school ..

” Mother , i am here i just heard about Lucinda’s murder trial i came home as soon as i could .. Is there anything i can do ?! “

demands Connor as they embrace .

She smiles seeing the grandson of

Carly & Jack Snyder she adopted few years ago since his birth mother Sage Snyder was proven to be unfit as a parent in the court of law .

” Thank you sweety , i promise we will figure some sort of strategy .. I just need to compose myself ! ” she replies .

” I totally understand , let’s go meet with Lisa Grimaldi i made plans for us all to enjoy a nice lunch at the UnderGround .. Also i agreed to dinner with Will & Paul later this evening ! “

says Connor excitedly .

She knods , as she excuses herself to wash up in the bathroom & heads to her bedroom to change .

He gets a text ..

” Your time is running out Connor ! “

he sighs .

He makes a quick call outside ..

” Rosanna Cabot call me later tonight , i really could use your help it’s a matter of life or death ! ” he hints .

The new District Attorney

Dinah Harler meets with Liza Colby ,

Lucinda’s Criminal Attorney at Law .

” I have very bad news to share ..

If your client is convicted she will go away for 6 years , but i was told today that if convicted the board & CEO of World Wide Kim Hughes are agreeing she is not allowed to return to the company in any form for 6 years , if by chance she is proven innocent the board also agreed to keep her away from the company for at least 4 years no exceptions ! “

reveals Dinah !

-** Special Guest -**

Joshua Bassett as

” Connor Ryan “

Leah Thompson as

D.A. Dinah Harler

To Be Continued…

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