Oakdale UniversityA-T-W-TSpin-OffFanFicSeason8Ep1 : ” Meet Jake Quinn “Fall Season PremiereMidnight EditionWritten by Susan SemenjukDedicated to Nolan Gerard FunkHappy BirthdayJuly 28 , 2020

Oakdale University





Ep1 : ” Meet Jake Quinn “

Fall Season Premiere

Midnight Edition

Written by Susan Semenjuk

Dedicated to Nolan Gerard Funk

Happy Birthday

July 28 , 2020

Jake Quinn

( Nolan Gerard Funk )

readied himself for his interview for the intern job at the City Times Newspaper. He was determined to get the job since he had a crush on Emily Stewart/ He could hardly concentrate during the interview thinking how beautiful she was and what he would do to her if he could.  When she said “ Congratulations Jake you got the job. You are my new Intern. I  look forward to working with you.” He replied “ I look forward to it too Ms. Stewart.” She smiled and said “ Call me Emily.”  When he went back to his apartment  he pulled up the picture he took of her on his phone and stared at it lustfully.  He began to follow her on social media under an assumed name and sent her a message saying “ you are so beautiful. I know one day you and I will meet and get to know one another real well.” He hit send and smiled.  The next day for his first day he watched her work through her door before entering. He imagined what he’d like to do to her when he gets the chance. He entered and melted at the smile she gave him. She asked “ are you ready to get started Jake?” Jake nodded and began to follow Emily around as she showed him around the news room and explained his duties as her Intern. For the rest of the day when he wasn’t with her he skulked around and watched her every move. That night he sent her another mysterious message saying “ you are so sexy. I want you.” When he got to work Emily looked worried and he asked “ what’s wrong Emily?” to which she replied “ for the second straight night I got a creepy message from an unknown sender on my Twitter page.” Jake tried not to smile but asked “ what does it say? “ She said “ they want to get to know me real well and that he wants me.” Jake said “ that’s terrible. Have you gone to the Police.” Emily answered “ it’s probably just harmless. I won’t let it bother me.”  After that Jake began sending Emily messages as he continued to stalk her at work. Jake got jealous whenever Emily talked to another guy at work. He said to himself as she talked to the Beat reporter “ she’s going to be mine, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Dedicated to

Nolan Gerard Funk

Written by Susan Semenjuk

Happy Birthday Nolan

From all us at

Oakdale : University !!

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