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I like that us FanFic Writers are able to entertain you all during this Pandemic..

This week. .

Nancy Drew must deal with a Tiger on the loose ..

The shocking secret will come to light that can not me missed ..

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” Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online Written , Spin-Off , Fan Fic , Season 7 – Promo

Next Week ..

Luke Snyder gets kidnapped ?!

Noah has a shocking request ..

Plus ..

Lucinda Walsh arrested for Murder ?!

” Oakdale : University “

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off

FanFic Season7

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Katy Keene 1×11 – Wow , What an Episode – 1st Half Review by PartyWill

Katy Keene 1×11 – Wow , What an Episode – 1st Half Review

I am watching Ep 1×11

Wow ..i got to say it but Jorge SHUT UP !

It’s your fault you lost the Fireman !

Change Clothes !

Back off Katy , she always pays you rent ..

Take a Shower & stop acting so entitled !

As for Pepper , i  her to pieces but seriously i don’t trust her !

I am glad Josies Bf is having trust issues involving Pepper !

K.O. plz punch Guy again what a douche bag seriously this guy sucks S a designer !

Twice now Katy Keene  to the rescue ,

He acts like he needs a babysitter !

 this show what exciting Drama

Ok back to the 2nd half of the episode !

Riverdale Trivia – Enter to win a Mystery Gift – June 2020 – Good Luck !

Riverdale Trivia

Play – Submit – Try your luck to win a mystery gift ..

1) What year did the Hit Series debut on CW ?

2) Which actress portrayed

” Miss Grundy ” ?

3) True/ False

    Archie & Miss Grundy had an affair ?

4) How many people has Archie Andrews kissed ?

Bonus :

Can you name all the people he kissed in Riverdale ?

Submit your answers to

( )

Sub Riverdale Trivia

2 lucky winners get to win

   Mystery Gift

Good Luck !

Contest runs all month long

Ends May 26 , 2020 6pm

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May 27 , 2020

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June 2020

Willy’s View Podcast Season5 Season Premiere – May 18 , 2020 , May Sweeps !

She’s coming soon..

I am very excited !!!

Is she an actress ?!

Is she an Artist ?!

Is she a Poet ?

Is she a Director ?

Is she an Author ?!

Willy’s View Podcast

Season5 Premiere

May 18, 2020

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Gh Exclusive Spoilers

Hold on for some major excitement as the big reveals are quickly approaching !

We all know Cyrus demanded for Tj to get kidnapped , but as you recall he had some assistance a guy with a softie edge to his personality .

A distinctictive ring tone , taps on his shoes and he even gave him smoothies ?!

Keep guessing , you may figure it out before the Port Charles Police do !

~~ Molly Davis has put her one night stand with Brando on the line to her over bearing sisters , but there is more drama ahead as one particular sister senses more going on with the man Molly slept with.

Don’t leave Dev out he will find himself in 2 storylines ..

1st , he suspects Brando ..why ?!

2nd .. On the eve of Oscars death anniversary Josslyn finally realizes it’s time to move on with Cameron , only he doesn’t like her like that no more his heart belongs to Trina !

Could Dev mend her  heart ?!

Could an unexpected pregmancy derail Molly & Tj’s happy romance before it even gets a chance to rebuild ?!

Finally. .

Nina will find herself in a situation that she may show grief over somebody but who could that be ?

Nina & Jax are tangible as a couple for now , so expect her determination to find her daughter with lots of surprises !

There’s a key character returning soon. .

As for Port Charles’ couples ..

Anna sure does defend Peter alot these days ..

Could Anna be Alex in disguise ?!

The Holly is dead story arc takes unexpected turns nobody saw coming !

As for Elizabeth & Franco ..

They may just catch onto the wicked games Ava + Nicholas are playing ..

How they react will be fun to watch !

Thanks for reading the latest

Gh Spoilers. .

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Willys View Podcast S4Ep44 : ADMIN Victoria Crow of ” Riverdale Unite ” / Book Of The Month / Season Finale’ /S4Ep44 : ADMIN Victoria Crow of ” Riverdale Unite ” / Book Of The Month / Season Finale’ /

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast:  S4Ep44 : ADMIN Victoria Crow of ” Riverdale Unite ” / Book Of The Month / Season Finale’ /–ADMIN-Victoria-Crow-of–Riverdale-Unite—Book-Of-The-Month–Season-Finale-edak8u 

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

 Exclusive Y&R Spoilers ..

The attraction between Amanda + Nate

Billy + Lilly is building up to a major collision course !

Who gets with who as the stakes to find romance is high !

Speaking of Collision courses ..

Watch for Abby to push Chance too far in hopes he helps turn on Adam ..

Why ?!

Chance wont cave ..

Who will dump who first ?!

Victoria takes on Newman Enterprises as CEO seriously & in a surprising & shocking new way !

As promised a New Romance awaits Victoria one that may have heads spinning !

Thanks for reading my latest

Spoilers !

Enjoy your week !

Willys View Podcast Presents : Season4 Season Finale’ w Special Guest Victoria Crow , ADMIN of ” Riverdale Unite ” , April 27 , 2020

Willy’s View Podcast Presents

Season4 Season Finale’

My Special Guest

Victoria Crow & I chat about our new ” Riverdale Unite “

Dig into my Fav Moments of

” Little Fires Everywhere “

” Book Of The Month “

” FanFic Of The Month “

Mon April 27 , 2020

” Oakdale : University “AtwtOnline WrittenSpin-OffFanFicSeason 7 –Ep 33” Playing With Fire ! “Pt.2/6April 22, 2020MIDNIGHT EDITION

” Oakdale : University “

AtwtOnline WrittenSpinOffFanFicSeason 7 –

Ep 33” Playing With Fire ! “Pt.2/6

April 22, 2020


It’s never a dull moment in Oakdale , Illinois as we find our residents dealing with new challenges coming directly their way ..

Former Det. Jack Snyder is starting his 1st therapy session ..

” Mr.Snyder , thank you for showing up today i know alot of people usually frown against getting therapy ! “

cautions his therapist .

” Donald Roy ,

i am not most people ..

I want to try this for myself

i feel really lost these days sort of in limbo ! ” hints Jack somberly .

” You were a Detective , It would make sense that you feel lost , what have you been doing since you left the force ? ” he asks slowly .

Jack sighs ..


Noah / Michael finally meets his brother Michael .

” I am happy to hear you are alive and sort of well .. I ran into your ex fiance’ Luke Snyder who revealed you have me as your split personality ! “

says Michael firmly .

Carly Tenney meets up with her sister Rosanna ..

” I had to tell somebody , next to Jack you are the only person i can trust these days ! ” teases Rosanna nervously .

” Alright , spill it what is going on ?! “

demands Carly as they take their time approaching a food cart in downtown square ..

” Emily Stewart witnessed Lucinda Walsh in a murder ! “

Reveals Rosanna  “

To Be Continued ..

Cast :

Michael played by

Jake Silbermann

Special Guest ::

Donald Roy played by

Sean Astin