Warning ..

A Assault tears lives apart in Genoa City. .

Feb Sweeps ..

Grab Hankies ..
I grabbing my pillow to scream into !

How To Watch Corey Feldman’s( My ) Truth :The Rape Of 2 Corey’s Documentary ..March 9 , 2020

How To Watch Corey Feldman’s

( My ) Truth :

The Rape Of 2 Corey’s Documentary ..March 9, 2020

Mega Movie Actor Corey Feldman announced on his Twitter media recently that he is finally able to tell his truth about what happened so many years ago to his Best Friend Corey Haim & himself when they were merely kids , surviving through the Hollywood limelights ..

Tickets to the Documentary is going to be available on Feb 22, 2020 where the purchaser will receive a E Ticket code to type into their Phone , Tablet , Laptop ,  Smart Tv Device ,

and view with their loved ones on

March 9, 2020 .

The film will be only shown once !

Price of the ticket is $20.00

* I support Corey in this passion project , too many kids have been targeted through-out the years within Hollywood & beyond ..

He’s the voice that will lead the truth to finally set soo many free !

God Bless !

 Corey has been in such films like

     ( The Burbs )

     ( Lost Boys )

     ( Dream A Little Dream )

     ( License To Drive )

Corey Haim ‘s credits range anywhere from ..

( License To Drive )

( Lost Boys )

( Dream A Little Dream )

( Lucas )

Head over to


8pm ( PST )

on March 9 , 2020

then enter your E Code !


Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers Adam arranges a meeting with Rizza that has Chance & Phyllis hot on the heels of Sin City. .
A waitress adds a listening device under a table as Phyllis listens in on a deep dark conversation involving a secret ready to explode ! Nick will soon find comfort in
Phyllis’ loving arms ..Devon Hanilton gets a lead to his possible fortune being found ?! Rizza does not trust Chance. .2 guests will be in town during
Victor’s Gala ..Ex Wife Julie &
Brother Matt Miller !!— Keep it here for all your latest
Soapy Spoilers & More ..
Including Tv & Daytime , Movies

” Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online Written, Spin-Off , FanFic , Season7 , Feb Sweeps Promo : Chief Of Staff , Dr.Reid Oliver & Casey Hughes !

Move Over ..
Luke & Noah ..
A New Gay Couple explodes this week ..Chief Of Staff / Dr .Reid Oliver
has been fighting his attraction towards Roomate Casey Hughes ..This week ..A kiss isn’t just a kiss ..Feb Sweeps Continues ..” Oakdale : University “
Atwt Online
FanFic Season7” I didn’t think I could want you more than this moment ! “
” why wait , I am right here ! “
” C’mere Mr.Hughes ..are you sure about this ?! “
” I never been sure of
anything in my life ! “

Exclusive Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

Exclusive Days Of Our Lives Spoilers ..

Kate needles Evan for answers ..

Wall are closing in for Gabi , Gina , JJ , Evan , Will , Sonny , Maggie , Xander , Victor , Sarah , Eric , Kristen ,

A new mystery sets everybody off into a whole new direction of Drama , Danger , Intrigue ..

The truth about Stefano sends a ripple affect thought out Salem ..

Kristen gets suspicious of Mickeys condition getting worse ..

Brady feels a deep connection to Mickey making others uneasy.  .



Y&R Exclusive Spoilers. .

Amanda Gets a Gun. .

Billy gets more out of Control ..

Phyllis reveals Sharon has Breast Cancer !

Sharon lashes out at Phyllis. .

Rey wants to hurt Kyle for hurting Lola ..

Theo has a decision to make. .

An unexpected Scandal will test Kyle & Lola as Summer & Theo are ready to be there for their significant others. .

Abby sees Chance in a new light. .

Will the wrong person be framed for the latest Crime In Genoa City ..

Traci Abbott is back ..

Noah is protective of his mom ..

Phyllis has a chance to be w Nick but could the New Secret she uncovers be her own undoing ?!

” Oakdale : University ” Atwt – Online Written Spin-Off , FanFic Season 7 Ep30 : ” Gotcha ! ” Feb Sweeps Feb 6, 2020 Midnight Edition

” Oakdale : University ”
Atwt – Online Written
Spin-Off , FanFic Season 7
Ep30 : ” Gotcha ! ”
Feb Sweeps
Feb 6, 2020
Midnight Edition

The town of Oakdale , Illinois were gearing up for the biggest Valentine’s Day Party kicking off in a few short weeks ..

We focus on Reid Oliver the New Chief Of Staff at
Oakdale , Memorial Hospital enjoying his morning one of his reality shows , while enjoying the show going on in the kitchen ..
Casey Hughes shirtless , wearing nothing but red jogging pants.
” Is he literally wanting me to just jump his bones ?! ”
Reid muses to himself ..
Back to reality ..
” Reid ..Reid ..did you want some breakfast ? ” asks Casey .
You could just melt with those sparkling eyes of his .
” Sure Sport ,
whatever floats your boat I can eat just about anything ! ”
he replies .
Few moments later , he hands him a delicious plate of 2 eggs over easy , 3 slices of bacon , fresh sliced pineapples , orange juice .
Upon devouring such a meal he goes closely to his now Roomate smiling .
” Thank you for such a delicious meal Mr.Hughes , i will have to think up some way to repay you ! ” he teases ..heading to his bedroom ..
Casey shocked himself ..
” O-M-G..what’s going on ?! ”
he demands to himself feeling his body tingle through his spine down to his bulging manhood ..
He rushes into the bathroom to get a cold shower in .. his mind lingering to the almost kiss he shared with Reid ! ”

The radio in the background plays Justin Bieber’s ” Yummy ”

Meanwhile ..

Lisa Grimaldi is surprised to see who she thinks is Noah Mayer at the bar of the LakeView ..
” Afternoon , Noah what brings you by here for lunch ?
Did you need plans for your upcomming wedding to Luke Snyder ? ” she asks excitedly ..
The man slyly grins making her a bit uneasy ..
” Who the hell
are you an imposter ?! “
she demands
” I am Michael ,
Noah’s other brother our mother rest her soul had triplets ! ” he teases.
Lisa faints ..

Cast. .

Jake Silbermann as Michael..


Exclusive Y&R Spoilers ..

The town of Genoa City , Wisconsin will feel like a hot bed of secrets & more ..

Adam will be shaken by the news of Sharon Newmans once his ex wife being diagnosed with Breast Cancer !

He will be definitely be supportive , can Rey handle another ex being around soo much ?!

Amanda’s abusive ex husband

Ripley sends a Ripple effect through the town ..

Watch for her to take matter into her own hands while others who doubted her will be brought into this story immediately..

Devon steps up to the plate as a hero ?!

Adam/Chance’s Las Vegas Secret will soon explode ..

Will Chance go to jail ?!

What about Adam’s secret wife ?!

How much will she affect those around him , what is her true agenda ?!

Lola / Theo grow closer ..

Is this a temporary rebound or something more ..

Kyle / Summer get closer too but is this really wedded bliss just around the corner ?!

How will Jack handle the new status quo after the young gen Triangle gets complicated ..

Victor’s gala will have plenty of Drama & Surprises ..

Jill returns with a New Secret & ready once again to help her son Billy ..is it too late ?!

Victoria will be floundering but dont worry a New Romance will turn that frown upside down ..

Nikki / Sharon bond through her medical crisis its a teary eyed red letter day when that happens ..

Phyllis has alot of re-evaulating in her life to do ..

Noah Newman Returns !

Belated Birthday Dinner , Tj Burgers & More , Jenna’s Bday Gifts to me , Weekend Binging Snacks , Jan 31, 2020

Tonight’s evening was such a blessing , enjoying my belated birthday dinner at Tj Burgers & More delicious Fried Cat Fish , Hush Puppies , Cole Slaw , Seasoned Fries , Root Beer .

Jenna surprised me with few belated birthday gifts ..

I got my snacks for my weekend binge watching !

Warning Parents , DANGER of Using Tik Tok & SNAP CHAT !

Warning Parents , DANGER of Using Tik Tok & SNAP CHAT !

Tik Tok is dealing with Internet Stalkers targeting kids & teenagers , as a parent myself i have removed both Tik Tok & Snap Chat from not only my 12year old daughters phone but mine as well .

It’s crystal clear these social media themed apps are by no means very secure from protecting us or our loved ones from danger or being targets .

I hope you all join me in removing these apps & protect each other where these apps can not !

I will be mentioning more on my Podcast this weekend .

#Targets #ProtectKids #ProtectTeenagers


Oakdale University Atwt Online Written – Spin-Off FanFic S7/ Ep29: ” You Are Coming Home With Me ! ” Jan 31st , 2020 Feb Sweeps Dedicated to Mindy McCready

Oakdale University

Atwt Online

Written – Spin-Off FanFic

S7/ Ep29:

” You Are Coming Home With Me ! “

Jan 31st , 2020

Feb Sweeps

Dedicated to Mindy McCready

Carly Tenney is seen leaving the local grocery store of Siggs Shop Mart downtown of Midtown as she is chatting up with a new gal pal she met inside nearly an hour ago .

” Oh Carly , you are such a doll agreeing to share your heart pound cake receipe with me ! ” she says happily .

Tunie Lott , my pleasure sweety lets get these groceries into our cars and go pay my sister Rosanna a visit .

You are going to love Oakdale , Illinois .

I am really glad you took me up on being my roommate my apt is soo empty with my kids all grown up now , you know that empty nest syndrome ! ” she teases .

Both women embrace .

” I am truly appreciative the hotels I searched were all booked up so was LakeView unfortunately ! “

says the blonde stunner .

” Oh honey , its February ..

everything gets booked early around here.

Ok lets go see my sister ! “

she says .

Carly smiles while heading to her 2016 Dodge Ram Truck .

Tunie smiles back as she enters her 2014 red Ford Ecko Sport vehicle ..

Meanwhile ..

Casey Hughes is also finding a new connection he never expected as life turns out that way at times ..

He is surprised to see Dr . Reid Oliver obviously with lack of sleep , a definitely need of a shave on his face .

” Oh my Reed , why are you out here by yourself ?! ” demands a concerned Casey .

” Oh hey there Casey ,

my S.O.B. landlord rented out my apt while I was in a coma in Los Angeles , Calif which sucks since I was paid up to the whole DAYUM year contract ! ” he says sadly .

” O-M-G . . Reed you are homeless ?!

Grab your stuff man .. You are coming home with me . . my treat we are cooking up steaks tonight ! ” he teases .

” Thanks Casey , thanks you a life saver ! “

he says subtly checking out Casey Hughes in his red dodgers cap , and tee.

He sure was seeing him in a new light ..

-*** Special Guest

Tunie played by Mindy McCready ..

R.I.P. Mindy

We  U

Miss U

” Shameless : Work In Progress ” by PartyWill on Wattpad , Feb Sweeps , Dedicated to Gallavich Fans

The Couple you  their story continues ..

Feb Sweeps Has Begun. .

Dedicated to Gallavich Fans

I think you’d like this story: “” Shameless : Work In Progress ” FanFic / PartyWill” by PartyWill on Wattpad https://my.w.tt/OUcmCZ8MG3

Y&R Renewed till 2024 , Exclusive Y&R Spoilers , Feb Sweeps

Y&R Renewed till 2024 , Exclusive Y&R Spoilers , Feb Sweeps

Congratulations to Cbs’ Longest Daytime Soap Opera of

” Young & The Restless “

It has been renewed till 2024

Get ready for an exciting Sweeps !

°° Amanda Gets The Upperhand

°° Billy gives into his despair

°° Kyle Gives Into Temptation

° Theo & Lola lock lips

° Devon wants something very important or someone handled ?!

° Abby raises the stakes in her relationship with Chance

° Jill is back to help her dark estranged son from going further down the rabbit hole

° Elena comforts a friend

° A New Business Venture has

   Adam vs Nick who will win ?!

° Ripley wants to have some fun at the cost of who ?!

 Theo & Lola locking lips

      Courtesy of

     Soap Opera Digest !

” Oakdale : University ” S7 , FanFic , Feb Sweeps Promo , J.J . Snyder Comes Home !

This February Sweeps. 
A Crisis brings Carly & Jacks kids back home. .
J.J. Snyder is coming home. .
Watch out he’s got a Dark Secret or two plus a New Connection to somebody in town ?!
” Oakdale : University “
Atwt FanFic
New Episodes..
Feb 6, 2020

Vote on Mickey & Ians Adoptive Baby’s name for ” Shameless : Work In Progress FanFic on Wattpad by PartyWill , New Chapter Feb 6, 2020 , Feb Sweeps !

Vote on Mickey & Ians Adoptive Baby’s name for ” Shameless : Work In Progress FanFic on Wattpad by PartyWill , New Chapter Feb 6, 2020 , Feb Sweeps !

Mickey & Ian are adopting a baby together in my. .

Shameless : Work In Progress

FanFic on Wattpad. .

What should they name it if its a boy or girl ?!

Vote Below ..

{ willysviewpodcast@gmail.com }

Twitter : ViewWillys

Instagram : WillysViewPodcast

Thanks for voting ..

Read my Series here. .

New Chapter on Feb 6 , 2020

Feb Sweeps !