Exclusive Y&R Spoilers & More !

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers & More

1st let me start by reporting that

Head Writer Josh Griffith’s job is being saved by Steve Kent ..

The network still is keeping close attention to ratings & more !

The latest updated rewrite is

it will be revealed that Adam Newman killed Aj and Victor is helping to protect him for Hope’s sake !

I  Adam but it is clear JG has no idea how to write Daytime Soaps anymore with his inconsistent lack of storytelling or pursuing a ebb and flow of character development to its fruition !

Also we all would like to wish

Happy Birthday to

Melody Thomas Scott !

 Courtesy of

     Michelle Stafford’s Twitter

– Special Image touched my heart so i am sharing it since a friend sent it my way –

Justice At Last / My Story , My Life by Willy Garza

Justice At Last / My Story , My Life by Willy Garza

Often than naught , most cases of sexually charged crimes against family members , those we know usually go scott free due to negligence in a court trial , mishandling of evidence , or worse broken evidence or it being destroyed or gone missing.

These are no coincidences in my opinion its pure full blown betryal to those that deserve their full protection of the law !

I recently learned the man who sexually raped me at 10yrs old , my uncle a person who i once respected admired for his funny behavior of being a comical clown of sorts was diagnosed with Covid 19 !!!

The weight on my shoulders to know the monster who stole my youth , my innocence as a young boy slid slowly to anywhere but my shoulders where i been harboring my DISGUST , my Hurt , my Betryal , my Hatred towards somebody who at a time i would have felt safe but no longer trust worthy in my eyes !

It be simple to reveal his name for all to get mad about , but no i wont reveal his name after the many times he has purposely changed his aliases too much to even count !

I leave his full judgment to the Lord Of Above ,

I pray that others who have been victimized and survivors get their closure & their justice !

Thank you to all my FAMILY , BESTIES & My Support Team who have stood by me you are all appreciated !

God Bless !

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers & More !

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers & More !

Major Changes at Y&R. .

1st – Major Rewrites are taking place you will definitely tell the difference in storylines !

The revelation of Amanda being Hiliary ws changed to her being Hiliary’s twin sister !

Theo has an exciting New Story Arc coming up !

Set Dvrs for —

A major secret shocks the Newman Family on

April 23 , 2020

My prediction is they learn Adam is not a Newman so Victor can literally kick him out of the family & he gets Adam out of the Company !

I can accept Amanda with Nate , Billy , or Devon Mishael Morgan’s chemistry is Romantic & fun with any actor she is on stage with !

Off Set – One particular actor refuses to be paired again with a former cast mate and wants to refrain from being in that ship again ..

I enjoy seeing Lilly free & away from Cane i wouldnt mind her connecting with Theo !

The Billy & Amanda pairing was ready to kick off before hiatus so now with rewrites its anybody’s guess where they go from here !

I like Elena + Nate together too they could be fun !

 Exclusive Daytime Spoilers & Congrats to Fox Tv Networks 9-1-1- & 9-1-1 Lone Star – The Resident’s Renewals !

 Exclusive Daytime Spoilers & Congrats to Fox Tv Networks 9-1-1- & 9-1-1 Lone Star – The Resident’s Renewals !

On Y&R

Victoria will be determined to take down Adam Newman and her father Victor Newmans company of

Newman Enterprises down in flames but will she succeed ?!

The romance of Nate & Amanda will blossom in the coming days ..

More exciting drama awaits

Lola Rosales & Theo Vanderway.

It’s exciting news the two characters have big story arcs coming up !

Jack Comforts Sharon ..

Nikki makes another shocking discovery !

Bold & The Beautiful

As Ridge Forrester & Shauna grow closer watch for her dark past to play a key part to where this couple goes !

Days Of Our Lives

Brady & Kristen are joyful their daughter is alive !

General Hospital

Lulu & Brooklyn continues to bicker back & forth .

Molly & Brando heat things up in town !

How will Tj deal with the truth when their lustful betryal ever gets exposed ?!

 Congrats to :

      Fox Tv Networks top 3 Hit Drama’s of 9-1-1 , 9-1-1- Lone Star & The Resident on their renewals !

Special Thanks to the those hard workers delivering foods for customers !

Thank you to all our Health workers , and the Doctors , Nurses giving their hardest during such a pandemic health crisis !

Thanks for reading the latest Spoilers !

Happy 25th Soap Anniversary toMaura West ..April 11, 2020

Happy 25th Soap Anniversary to

Maura West ..April 11, 2020

She started as ” Carly Tenney ” on


Then headed to ” General Hospital “

as ” Ava Jerome “

Finally she was also on

” Young & The Restless “

as ” Diane Jenkins “

We all  U Maura West !!

Thank you for entertaining us for over 25years , here is too many more !

#MauraWest #Atwt #Gh #YR

Exclusive Daytime Spoilers !

✈ Exclusive Daytime Spoilers ✈


The competition between Kyle vs Theo escalates as Summer & Kyle team up to work together against Theo , leading to Summer Newman setting a trap ..

Let’s not forget that he is also manipulating Jabot employee Kendra to do his bidding ..

This kind of betryal can’t end well ..

Tune is as Jack Abbott has no choice but to fire Theo who may not go without a fight , but according to close sources could find himself over at Chancelor Media Communications !


The truth about Nelle being Nina’s daughter may still be delayed as Willow is dsperate to stop the truth from coming out !

Bold & The Beautiful

Shauna & Ridge begin to Fall In Love in Los Vegas !

Support SEN .KAMALA HARRIS ( D-CA ) / Written by Willy Garza , April 9 , 2020

– Support SEN .KAMALAHARRIS ( D-CA ) / Written by Willy Garza , April 9 , 2020

I am very impressed by Senator Kamala Harris wanting to inforce the bills of banning any charges of credit card fees and banning any checks against those using credit cards that get reported by credit companies that can ruin people’s credit for up to 8years !

I saw her recent interview on Abc’s , ” The View ” .

This woman shared her strong views on what is going on to what is being neglected & more !

Her perspective of her thoughts & view of losing Bernie Sanders as the presidential candidate was very profound !

The strong emdorsement of her support of Joe Biden does not go unnoticed.

Her hope of Joe Biden being our next future president is one to defintely consider !

Could Biden be the better choice versus President Donald Trump taking over the oval office once again ?!

I am thankful to Bernie Sanders for running such a powerful & trust worthy Political Campaign !

Let’s not give up Hope , lets keep our faith that God’s plan to teach us what we need to learn during this pandemic of Covid 19 will enlighten us to become stronger , wiser & smarter !

God Bless : Stay Safe , Self Distance

Hydrate !

Xoxo , Willy

✈ It’s Official :: Bernie Sanders Bows out as Presidential Candidate !April 8 , 2020 + Video to Protect Yourself amid Covid 19 Pandemic !

✈ It’s Official :: Bernie Sanders Bows out as Presidential Candidate !

April 8 , 2020 + Video to Protect Yourself amid Covid 19 Pandemic !

In shocking turn of events ..

It’S OFFICIAL Bernie Sanders has bowed out of the Presidential Candidacy leaving the battle to be fought between Joe Biden vs Trump !

Lord Help Us All

Stay Safe

Wash Hands

Self Distance !

Included :: Video to protect you amid the Covid 19 Pandemic !

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

✈ Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

In the coming weeks ,

Spring time in Genoa City will feel like early summer as your faves kick off new romances & more.

Over at Chancelor Communications

Lilly & Billy walk down the path of Romance .

Nate and Amanda are on cloud 9

Devon / Elena also share their sweet moments together as the clinic even gets them more closer. .

Adam & Chelsea get more deeper in their relationship as the strings pulled by Victor tests their wills to the max !

Abby & Chance get their romance in full swing too .

Theo & Lola get closer. .

Summer & Kyle get even more intimate plus she sets a trap but for who ?!

Rey & Sharon hit major bumps. .

Phyllis & Nick ..

Could they really be an item with no problems ?!

Victoria is full of anger towards Adam to be romantic with anybody at this time !

Jack & Jill friendly meetings could develop into more ?!

Thanks for dropping by !

Stay Safe !

Wash Hands !

Self Distance !

Exclusive Daytime Spoilers !

✈ Exclusive Daytime Spoilers !

Get ready as Spring hits a fever pitched on all your fav soaps !

On Bold & The Beautiful..

Quinn considers starting her applogy tour

Wyatt has an unexpected reaction to the women in his life ..

Sally imagines Life without Wyatt !


Thanks to Carly Corinthos’ locking Nelle at the rooftop & forging her signature the custody for Wiley gets CRAZY. .

Michael marrys Willow ..

The misdeeds of Carly come back to hit her.

Molly kicks off a fun romance with Brando .

Sam is ready to give into dispair

Jason needs a distraction. .

Peter fouls up who catches him ?

Ava changes her game plan !


Mandy & Nate get hit by Cupid’s Arrow

Victoria has a idea. .

Nikki demands answers !

Nick gets devastating news ?!

Jack challenges Theo & Kyle !

A pregnancy is looming over the horizon !


Rex returns ..

Sarah gets a pregnant pause.   .

Brady & Kristen reunite with their child !

Thanks for enjoying the latest

Exclusive Daytime Spoilers !

Taking Precautions during Covid 19 Pandemic + Remedy to Insure Killing the Virus immediately ! / April 5, 2020 – Weekend Edition

Taking Precautions during Covid 19 Pandemic + Remedy to Insure Killing the Virus immediately ! / April 5, 2020 – Weekend Edition

Thank you Lord for your many blessings !

Today Jenna , Mom & I were out in town getting groceries , went to our fav local shopping store where we saw many establishments from Movies , Bath & Body Works , Five Below & Tj Max & more were all closed !

We felt safe behind our masks !

Please stay safe out there ..

** Key Virus Precaution Tip **

When you get home , toss your clothes into the washer , wash your hands , take a hot shower this immediately kills the virus if by chance you are hit by the pandemic crisis .

The infested germs can stay on your clothes and you for 19 days even without you realizing it or unaware of your own symptoms !

If you feel you are not feeling well , drink hot cocoa , hot tea , take hot showers stay proactive !

Taking these necessary methods will save your life and those close to you !

Other Tips **

Here is remedy i was given by my Top Source Start by Heating Baking soda and adding Lime and Vinegar  this will help you if you  have the sore throat and cough it will kill it !!

Boil it and drink hot not to where you burn your mouth but hot warm ..

This remedy will kill the virus right on in your throat your going to feel burning in your throat but that’s normal !

 for everybody to get through this time ..

Amen !

    Daddy & Jenna

Xoxo , Willy

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers !

In the coming weeks ..

Genoa City gets wild as Victor turns the tables on Adam to thart his wicked plans , Hope would tear into Victor himself if she were alive !

Chelsea worries about her lovers state of mind ..

Sharon faces more hurdles with her cancer leading to the breakup only some have been wanting and others not ready to take it in ..

Will Phyllis & Nick stay true to each other this time ?!

An unexpected twist of fate could bond Summer & Lola once again !

Theo gets the leverage he needs to take on Kyle ..

Victoria prepares for battle !

Amanda opens her heart to one guy while longing for another ..

Nancy Drew Phyllis discovers a juicy tidbit but on who ?!

Thanks for checking out my

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers !

Stay Safe – Self Distance

Hydrate !

God Bless ..

Enjoy your Weekend !!

” Oakdale : University “AtwtOnline WrittenSpin-OffFanFicSeason 7 – Ep 33” Playing With Fire ! “Pt.1/6April 4 , 2020

” Oakdale : University “


Online Written



Season 7 – Ep 33

” Playing With Fire ! “


April 4 , 2020

— Emily Stewart’s office at

    City Times

She is enjoying the sunny day outside , as her windows are open letting in fresh air while she is watering her plants set in both corners of her office .

She looks sharp wearing her zebra print dress with her blonde hair up in a pony tail .

Meanwhile ..

— Oakdale , Memorial Hospital

Dr.Reid Oliver & also Chief Of Staff to the hospital is on the phone with his boyfriend Casey Hughes ..

” I can’t stop thinking about you too , i was thinking we take a weekend trip to get away from town just to focus on us ! ” he says suggestively .

Casey & Reids Apt ..

Casey is enjoying making a tuna sandwhich , with side salad as he wraps up his call with Reid.

” Aww look at you being the romantic , sure babe why not !

No .. Luke has not shown up yet i know .. I know i promise to hear him out. . love you too , i will make us some delicious nachos for dinner to go with our movie night tonight ! “

Teases Casey smiling .

A knock at the door , has Luke Snyder ready to talk with Casey .

” Thank you for agreeing

to meet with me ! “

says Luke

” I am trying to be nice to you more than you deserve did you at least fix your relationship with Noah Mayer ?! “

demands Casey concerned .

” No .. he ended our engagement , our relationship is over he moved out he is staying at the Lake View .

Lisa is being her over protective self and won’t let me talk to him ! “

says Luke

” I can’t say i blame him for ending it with you it was really lousy how you behaved the other day in public ..

You better accept my relationship with Reid otherwise you and I are done as friends understood ?! “

demands Casey

— Emily’s Office. .

Rosanna Cabott shows up to see her

” Emily , i came over soon as you called what is going on ?! “

demands Rosanna

” I had a flash back of a murder ..

Rosanna Lucinda Walsh killed a man in

Barbara Ryan’s home ! “

Reveals Emily

To Be Continued ..

Willys View Podcast S4 Ep41 – #SoapNight

 S4Ep41 – #SoapNight

#SoapNight is Dedicated to

Daytime Fans



Classic Soapy Moments from my Archives !

Check out Tom Pelphrey

( Ex Jonathan Randall , Guiding Light )

On Ozark Season 3 , Netflix

Catch You On The FLIP SIDE !

Good Night. .
This has been #SoapNight !

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast:

 S4Ep41 – #SoapNight https://anchor.fm/willy-garza/episodes/S4Ep41—SoapNight-ecc0k3 

Breaking COVID 19 UPDATE – 67 CASES in San Antonio , Tx Nursing Homes

Breaking COVID 19 UPDATE – 67 CASES in San Antonio , Tx Nursing Homes

Breaking News…

According to local news ..

Over 67 Covid 19 Cases from Nursing Homes in San Antonio , Texas

Seriously , becareful , Wash your hands , Wear masks as this Virus has been confirmed to be Air Borne !

Wear protective gloves in case you touch anything .

Stay Safe – God Bless !

Invisible Man , Thriller , 2020 – Movie Review , No Spoilers !

Invisible Man – Thriller 2020 , Movie Review , No Spoilers !

Last Night , i got to watch

” Invisible Man ,

Thriller , 2020 version “

with my 12yr old daughter Jenna .

Below is my review !

This film  is truly riveting ,

i 💘 the film , dialogue , pacing and the directing ..

It will definitely be added to my collection .

Wonderful Thriller !

Grade 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟