PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents :: ” Q&A with Author Melanie James ” Interviewed by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) March 31,2016



PartyWills Online Publications Magazine

Presents ::

” Q&A with Author Melanie James ”

Interviewed by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


March 31,2016



I was recently honored to interview the very talented NYT & USA TODAY

Best Selling Author Melanie James ,

Pop some Popcorn and lets have fun !





1/6 Queshtions


1) What got you started on the path of being a writer ?


1. Writing was always something that came to me naturally. I have all these people in my head. The only way to get them to shut up is to write their stories.


2) Who inspires you to write ?


2. The characters inspire me. Each new story, no matter how silly, is a chance explore the complexities of life.


3) Can you give us a brief description of your books and characters you enjoy writing

about ?


3. I have several different series of book:


The Literal Leigh Romance Diaries

— A 20 something school teacher accidentally finds magic and becomes a witch.

Magic, Mayhem, & Chaos follow, especially when she’s compelled to write steamy romance stories. Nothing goes right for Leigh when she realizes her magic is quite literal, in the sense that everything she writes comes hilariously true.


Karma Inc —


Is the result of Kelly & Ezzy, two vulgar and snarky witches, who get tired of waiting for Karma and decide to take matters into their on hands. When they meet a new witch who offers to take their business Karma Inc to a whole new level, dead bodies start piling up.


Tales From the Paranormal Plantation —

Everyone love Gertie O’Leary.


This hair-brained witch has been frozen for 120 years, thanks to a few magical disasters…like the Great Chicago Fire and the sinking of the Titanic. Fun and disaster abounds when this old tie witch meets modern day romance.


Riverton Romance Series —

Love, Mystery & Murder is the theme for this series. Contemporary romance with an erotic twist.


Éveiller Drive —


Turn up the heat with Éveiller Drive

Six neighbors, six women drawn to each other. Over the years their friendships blossomed from friends to sisters. Together they tackled the challenges they faced in juggling their complex roles as women, wives, and mothers. Now, the time had come for them to take on the most important challenge yet. To restore the passion and romance to their marriages that had been neglected through the years.

These are the stories of six couples.

Six stories of rekindling and reawakening their romance. Welcome to Éveiller Drive.


4) Which character do you enjoy writing the most ?


4. I love all of my characters, I really do. But I love Ezzy and Kelly. They have a very unique friendship and they ALWAYS have each other’s backs. The snark and comments that fly from their mouths reminds me o me and my bestie.


5) Would you ever consider making your books in a series or movie ?



Any of the Witch books would be great for a Showtime or HBO series due to the graphic nature and content.


6) Any advice you like to give to future AUTHORS ?


6. Advice to new authors — Sit down and write it. Also file a copyright the second it is ready for publication!


Link to order your books ?





Authors Page



Ordering Links



Thank you Melanie for taking time to do this Q&A for your Readers 🙂



* Meet my PA ( Personal Assistant ) plus NEW Columnist Tracy Willoughby!




I am very honored and excited to announce my PA ( Personal Assistant )

Tracy , who is also a NEW

Columnist to

PartyWills Online Publications Magazine

expect lots of cool things with her in the future !


Welcome to the team Tracy !


Below is some insight into Tracy !



Being a fan in the book world


I guess I should start this off by telling you a bit about me.  Hi my name is Tracy age 39 (yikes I’m approaching 40 lol). I’m a married mother of two teenage boys age 15 and 18 which means I’m in teenage hell which I’m sure some of you can relate to.  My husband and I have been married for 15 years now.  I love country music, I’m obsessed with Luke Bryan right now.     I love to crochet and read but I think reading has Trumped my crocheting lately though.

Now On to why I’m writing this which is about being a fan of this book world. Social media has made it so much fun for us fans in a lot of ways.   Not only do we see lots of book recommendations (omg my kindle has so many books to be read on it lol) but we also get to connect with each other and our favorite authors (well actually we stalk them but they love it).   So I started by reading just for something to do like most of us have.   Then bam I started getting ads pooping up for different books on Facebook  (so many book choices. Seriously its like drugs for me lol).  Let me say right off I read different genres, if its good ill check it out.  Like you guys I have my favorite authors but I love gaining more. I can’t tell you how many times while reading a book I found the author and discussed the book (ok it was more like harassed them) while reading their book. They were all so awesome about it and answered my questions or listened to my point of view of the story.  I think the author I was worst with was Nicholas Bella.  He writes mm paranormal and has two amazing series out called  the New haven series and demon gates series (holy crap they were intense and fun to read I highly recommend them).    I bugged him daily while reading the books.  I was waiting for him to tell me to go away but like most indie authors he never did.  Now he’s a Facebook friend and we chat often.  It’s really fun to pick there brains on their work and I think they get a kick out of it.   Most of these authors love their fans as much as we love them.  See I think its like partnership really.  Without each other this wouldn’t work.

Fans. Wow I’ve met so many awesome  fans of books from around the world who have now become friends.  To not only have a common subject  to talk about but to also support each other in our real life drama is a blessing.  Lets face it reading is an escape for us from reality of our day to day life.  Lets face it, our jobs, kids and spouses can drive us crazy but once we dive into a book it all just seems to go away for that brief moment in time.   We get to imagine we’re in a different place, a different time or even that were different people.  I think that’s why authors write to. I think its just as much of an escape for them as it is for us and they get to be all those things to.  After all we all could use it since life can be cruel sometimes.

So for all the bad that’s said about social media I think it’s a good thing for both fans and authors and I hope authors continue to be as open with us as they have been but we as fans have to remember authors are real people to with feelings just like us.  So we should respect that or they might not be as open to talking to us.

Keep reading. Have fun. Be kind to each other.

Tracy Willoughby

Toronto Canada

” SuperGirl ” Ep19 : Worlds Finest ” Review by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )



” SuperGirl ”

Ep19 : Worlds Finest

Review by

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


Totally LOVED the EPIC Episode , it was soo much fun seeing Kara interact with Barry and watch him be a superhero too .

It was cute how he always introduces himself then pulls off his mask , LOL

I wanted to reach into the tv set ..

” Barry stop telling people you are the Flash ! ”


Cat Grants quirkiness always gets me giddy she’s nobody’s fool watching Barry defend the title of Flash when she suggested the new superhero in town should get a name .



” You knew he was The Flash and didn’t say anything ?! ”


Cat Grant

” I know everything Kara ,

he was either a superhero

or a mormon ! ”


Lol , that was such a fun tag line from

Cat Grant I truly enjoyed !

Jimmy Olson sure got jelous !


The race or that what could have been a race is just Barry playing around as if to say ,

” Catch me if you can ! ”






KUDOS to Cast , Crew !


This one’s a major episode for the record books !


It was such a joy watching it with my 8year daughter who says ,

” Daddy , I bet Flash wins he’s faster in racing Supergirl ! ”


Grade A+++++

PartyWills Online Publications Presents :: Q&A with Jason Caceres Interviewed by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) Midnite Edition April 28,2016




PartWills Online Publications

Presents ::

Q&A with Jason Caceres

Interviewed by :

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


Midnite Edition

April 28,2016



Recently I was very honored to interview a very talented actor by the name of

Jason Caceres who if you didn’t see in

” Criminal Minds ” better get to watching !

Hollywood has found its next big star ..




1) What got you started as a actor ?


I’ve been acting since I was about eight, I believe. Maybe even earlier. I got started acting for two main reasons. The first was that my brother had this teacher, Ms. Valpuesta, for third grade. She noticed that my brother was a little reserved and wanted to help him break out of his shell. She suggested acting classes to my mother as a means to help him find his own voice. Of course my mother would never sign up just one of us for an activity so we both did it. Then we joined the Boy Scouts of America where I quickly became in charge of all of our artistic ventures. That was a self-proclaimed position, obviously, as “Head of the Arts” was NOT a position that was available in our troop. From there, I kept doing community theater and school plays until I went off to major in Theater in college. I acted a bit professionally during my time in college until I graduated and made the leap to Los Angeles.


2) Which projects have you done so far ?


I have been very lucky since moving out to Los Angeles just a few years ago and have gotten to be part of some really amazing projects. One of the first projects I ever did was a music video for Steve Grand called Back to California. It was my introduction into the professional acting world in the city, and it could not have gone better. He is one of the nicest guys in the world. After that I did a few more music videos including “Wild Heart” by The Vamps, “First World Problems” by Bart Baker, and “My Nemesis” by Five Finger Death Punch. I thought for a while that music videos would be my go-to since I seemed to be booking so many. I started gaining a bit of traction commercially when I booked a role on an AT&T campaign, which was a lot of fun. From that came parts on commercials such as “Topps: Baseball Cards,” “Bullet Liner,” “LG,” “Curacao,” “Coca-Cola,” etc. I also started to see some head-way when it came to web series. I booked a role in a web series called “Where the Bears Are” playing a teenager named Gabe. They loved me so much that I recurred in Season Three and Four. I also was very fortunate to star in a web series that has over five million subscribers called “How to Survive High School” where I play Juan. Then I started seeing small TV roles come through, such as stints on “Unusual Suspects,” “Murder Book,” “Blood Relatives,” and eventually ‘Criminal Minds.”


3) How did you get the guest gig for Criminal Minds ?


It took a lot of work to finally book a part on Criminal Minds. I had met Scott David, the casting director almost two years ago. I auditioned for that show, it must have been about five or six times, until I finally booked a part. Most people are under the impression that once you audition for something, you either get the role or you don’t. But that’s not always the case. Casting Director’s audition anywhere from 30 to 100 people for each role, and sometimes those roles are nothing more than just one line. If you don’t get the part the first time, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t like you. It just means that someone else fit the part more perfectly. If you did a good job in the audition room they will bring you back in for another role eventually.


Did you meet Shemar Moore ?


I, unfortunately did not get to meet Shear Moore. I don’t think he is in my episode because he was not at the table read either.


4) If you could do a feature movie with any two actors in Hollywood who would you choose ?


Oh, this is a hard one. There are so many actors that I look up to in Hollywood. I would have to say Angelina Jolie because she’s a beast. I’ve been in love with her since Girl, Interrupted. To be able to work alongside her and pick her brain would be a godsend. The other one I’d pick would be Johnny Depp. He’s everything I ever want to be. He is the living definition of a transformative actor. The guy’s got range like no-one else.


5) What do you do for downtime when not working ?


I don’t have much downtime between auditioning and working. I like to stay busy doing local Los Angeles theater, which is a great way to keep visible and meet people in the industry. I also run my own youtube channel where I post videos once a week, typically Mondays. Aside from that I love staying home and watching Netflix. I’m currently binging on The Vampire Diaries, my latest guilty pleasure.


6) Any advice you can give to others wanting to break into the business ?


First, I’d say to really evaluate for yourself whether this is something you really want to pursue or not because it takes every ounce of energy to break through. If this is something you can’t live without, then don’t live without it. Give it all you’ve got, and don’t stop until it’s yours. Also, don’t listen to anyone but yourself.



Thank you Jason for taking time to talk with your fans !


* PartyWills Online Publications Magazine * Presents ” Easter 2016 ” Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) March 27,2016



PartyWills Online Publications Magazine


” Y&R Tales ”



FanFic Series

Episode ” Easter 2016 ”


Airdate : March 27,2016


Written by : Willy Garza


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Genoa City , Wisconsin

Paul Williams is busy talking to Ronan Maloy who just got promoted as the new Chief Of Police .

He is relaxing at home , ready to pop in a dvd and start the popcorn waiting on his counter .

A knock at the door ,

brings a large smile to his face ..

” Heather Stevens ,

Wow you are back in town ! ”

he says excitedly .

She smiles .

Father and Daughter reunite .

” Happy Easter dad , yes I am back but not just for missing you and this crazy whole messed up town !

I saw Ricky ! ”

hints Heather in a serious tone

Paul’s mouth drops

” Really , where ?! ”

he demands


Next :


Adam searches for a piece of his past !


* April Stevens *

Kimberly McCullough


Happy Easter from

Willy Garza

Susan Semenjuk






* Writers Break *

Hola Amigo’s ,
I felt it was only right to share with you loyal readers and friends I am going to be stepping out of the limelight as a writer .
I will still be releasing my 2nd children’s book for the teens to enjoy .
I myself am just going to take a step back from writing books to get published for now .
I am not quitting just taking a break .
I notice there’s too much hatred in Amazon and Goodreads from non readers leaving hateful reviews that sadly not only affects sales but Authors too .
I feel it’s better playing it safe than just getting in that mess .
I learned 4 M/M Romance Authors quit or basically retired .
That’s not my intention .
I still write FanFics so I am not truly gone
Thanks for your support !

” City Of Llanview ” One Life To Live Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series by Trevor Mcbain Promo


Please help me Welcome
Trevor Mcbain
He will be our Oltl FanFic Writer of
” PartyWills Publications Magazine “

” City Of Llaview debuts this evening at your leisure ..

Let’s give him props for continuing Oltl with a very creative spin 😉

” PCU : Port Charles University ” Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series| Written by Susan Semenjuk & Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) Season Premiere 3-18-16


” PCU: Port Charles University ”
Online Written
Spin-Off FanFic Series
Written by
Susan Semenjuk &
Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

Season Premiere
Airdate 3-18-16

Written by
Susan Semenjuk

Jason and Sam Morgan walked into the Metro Court’s Dining room and encountered their exexs Liz Webber and Dr. Patrick Drake. As they walked by their table Sam stopped and said” I see you moved on from your last lover whoever that was to your next victim. Should’ve known a tramp like you couldn’t be alone long.” Jason put his hand on her arm and said “Sam don’t, Not here.” Sam looked at him and said “I’m sure she can handle it. She’s not the delicate flower she likes people to think she is.” Sam focused on Patrick and said ” I thought you were smart enough to stay away from this bitch ! Watch out once she gets her hooks into a man she doesn’t let go. I always knew she’d find a way to get you in her bed. Enjoy your turn while it last because before long she’ll trade you in for another man and spread her legs for him like the whore she is.” Liz smugly smiled and said ” takes a whore to know a whore.” Jason said ” seeing this lying bitch who kept us apart for months made me lose my appetite. Let’s go upstairs and satisfy another appetite.” He pulled Sam into a hungry kiss right in front of Patrick and Liz. When they left Patrick said ” forget about them” They headed upstais to a suite Carly Jax had saved for them. Against the door Jason pushed her against it and deeply kissed her. They began undressing. Once naked he picked her up so her legs were around his waist and he said “I want you so bed.” to which she replied
” i want you just as bad.” He threw her atop of the bed and went on top of her they locked eyes as he made his way down her hot sexy body making her moan. As he did so she thought that no one can satisfy her like Jason can. When she wrapped her legs around his waist he knew what she wanted and gave it to her. When it was over she laid with her head on his very sweaty chest and said “wow” which made him laugh.
They made love the rest of the night and into the next morning forgetting all about Patrick Drake and Liz Webber.

Next : Morgan gets a hot date !

” The Big Mistake Club ” by Donna L Walo Clancy | Reviewed by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

” The Big Mistake Club ” by Donna Walo Clancy | Reviewed by Willy Garza

This book is beyond AMAZING and very touching as the Writer delves the reader into the lives of these 6 people who will change lives and make their inner circle of friends that much stronger !

I am ready for book 2

Terrific job Donna !

” Fuller House ” Netflix Review by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )




Thanks everybody who joined me during #FullerHouse viewing party .

Its such a wonderful series .


Kimmys Husband is beyond HUNKALICIOUS and soo Funny !

Steve is soo DAYUM Cute and still Funny

The show is just soo full of wonderful moments with side of memory flashbacks and its storytelling .

I am soo glad it’s back ,

Heres to more exciting seasons !

Get Ready to Laugh ,  Cheer and Cry !

Theres a few hidden surprises .

Jodie Sweetin has such a beautiful voice

I dig the new updated theme song too.

Great Job

Writers, Cast, Crew !

PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents ” Castle : Alexis Files ” Online Spin-Off Series Midnite Season Premiere Feb 9 ,2016 Midnite Edition Ep1 : Talent Scout Pt.2/3





.`•.¸.•´ ★

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(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*


PartyWills Online Publications Magazine


” Castle : Alexis Files ”

Online Spin-Off Series



Season Premiere

Feb 9 ,2016

Midnite Edition


Ep1 : Talent Scout Pt.2/3


As the news spread around the Hamptons about not only the murder of a talent scout but her boyfriend being a key person of interest at this time ..

Alexis Castle is happy to hear from a familiar voice .

” Beckett , thanks for calling ! ”

she says slightly calmer than she has been .

” Sweety , your father & I are here anyway you need us !

He’s away on assignment but is there anything I can do for you just name it ! ”

says Beckett

” I really could use a hug ! ”

she says

” Turn around ! ”

teases Beckett

Alexis runs into her stepmoms arms .

They smile and embrace.

” Thanks I really needed that ,

I can’t believe this is happening right now Jordan and I have been in such a good place these days you know following the death of his grandma last week ! ”

recalls Alexis entering the bathroom of her dorm room to wash her face .

” This isn’t easy for me , but your boyfriend has been keeping a few secrets from you the big one is that he’s got an older brother Renaldo Mills ! ”

hints the woman married to Alexis’ father

Alexis eyes grow wide ..

” What the ?!

He’s got a older brother ?!

Where is he ?! ”

demands Alexis

Beckett leads Alexis to the lobby of the college campus where a older guy mid thirties is waiting for her .

” Alexis meet Renaldo !

says Beckett

Renaldo is very cold towards her .

” I must say my brother usually has good taste , but to degrade himself by dating a daughter of an Author is just so unlike him ! ”

taunts Renaldo

Alexis already hated him .

” Oh shut up , who he dates is nobody’s business now tell me where is he before you get arrested

for aiding and abetting ! ”

warns Alexis

Renaldo sighs ..

” We were supposed to meet up last night to finish plans for our mothers birthday party Tmrww ! ”

teases Renaldo

Alexis is piqued by curiousity

” Your mothers birthday ?!.

He told me she left him as a baby

Omg I am going to strangle him myself whenever I see him again ! ”

threatens Alexis

Suddenly a woman appears ..

” Over my dead body ,

I am Molly Mills the mother who’s son you just threatened I want you arrested ! ”

demands Molly

Renaldo smirks as Alexis gets handcuffed by Beckett .

She next calls somebody ..

” Castle , get down here now your only daughter just got arrrested I am sorry I had to handcuff her after she threaten to strangle her boyfriend ! ”


To Be Concluded


Cast :



Darren Criss


Molly Mills

Laura West


Dedicated to

Laura Wright


Catch up on Ep1 , Pt.1



Photo Collage Maker_qLkVNC


PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents  ” Castle : Alexis Files ”  Online Spin-Off Series 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*


PartyWills Online Publications Magazine


” Castle : Alexis Files ”

Online Spin-Off Series



Season Premiere

Feb 7 ,2016


Ep1 : Talent Scout Pt.1/3


Fade In ,


Alexis Castle is rushing into her college dorm at Hampton University , New York

She sighs out of frustration seeing she just missed her dad’s call .

” Aww man , dad you always got bad timing when you try checking in on me ! ”

she says to herself out loud while quickly searching for her red lipstick in her trendy small crystalized purse .

” Alright I only got less than ten minutes before Jordan gets here ! ” she says while browsing her mid sized closet .

She opts for an adorable red low cut dress and her hair up in a ponytail .

” Guys and their cheerleader fantasies ”

she muses while applying her red lipstick , slight blush on her cheeks and freshen up her eye liner .

Ten seconds later , she can’t help but wonder where Jordan is ?!

A large banging on her dorm room hints a cop on the scene .

” Alexis Castle ? ” asks the handsome cop who she swore reminded her of one major character from one of the soap operas she watches .

” Yes , that’s me why are you banging on my door you do know we are in the middle of finals right ?! ” demands Alexis

The cop stays composed then continues .

” I appologize for interupting your study session my sister goes to this campus funny she didn’t mention any exams anyway look I am Officer Francine ,

go ahead laugh everybody else does ! ”

remarks the frustrated cop .

Alexis didn’t laugh , she was more curious .

” Why do people laugh ?

Francine is an adorable french name ! ”

replies Alexis .

” Thanks my name’s Teddy but I never liked my last name until now .

I am looking for your boyfriend ! ”

he hints pulling out his notepad from his back tight levi fitting jeans .

She could fall easily for a handsome guy like this yet ..

” You been dating Mayor Gary Mills son a Jordan Mills right ? ” he asks

Alexis blushes embarassed .

” Yes he’s my boyfriend , plz what’s going on ?! ” she demands feeling very uneasy

” Less than twenty minutes ago there was a murder , the talent scout who was supposed to sign at least 3 lucky college students on campus was discovered by a cleaning lady look this isn’t easy to say but your boyfriend Jordan is our person of interest according to a student who I can’t divulge their name told me their was an argument between Jordan and Mr.Travis Manhattan only to coincidently disappear !

Where the hell is he Alexis ?!

If I learn you are hiding him I won’t hesitate to arrest in a New York minute ! ”

warns the cop ..

Alexis is panicked ..could her boyfriend be a killer ?!


To be continued ..


¤ Special Guest

Ryan Paevey

as Officer Teddy Francine



Delaney Williams Cover Reveal ” Fully Restored “





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(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*



Delaney Williams is back with her next highly antipated novel titled

” Fullly Restored ! ”



February 29, 2016


Check out the following links



Links:    – Cover Model    – Cover Design      – Photography


( Break Me Like A Promise ) M/M , M/F Contemporary Romance by Aria Grace | Reviewed by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


I was recently given this Advanced Arc to read and review .

Its such a wonderful well thought out planned and written storyline about two brothers named Tad and Brent Thomas who both team up together in creating a gym they call Sculpt ! 

This story is fast paced , yet riveting at the same time as we learn about the four key characters being the brothers and workers who are called Promises such as is told through the point of views from Advertising Executive Luke Baker and employee Marissa .

Their road to success is defintely paved with good intentions with that being said you do feel empathy for Tad as the business is taking him away from his priorities of being husband and father to two children .

While on the other side , Brent reaches his limitations from dating clients and employees .

When tragedy strikes this crisis not only affects the siblings but everybody around them .

Its such joy seeing how the younger brother proves bloods thicker than water .

It also shows us how far some of us are willing to go just to obtain our goals no matter the price .

Authors Aria Grace and Kyan Christopher earned themselves not only KUDOS teaming up to tell this tale , but they earned a loyal reader.  I am looking forward to book two titled , Trust Me Like A Promise this is one journey I can’t wait to continue .

In closing , I rank this book Five Stars ! 

** Reviewed By : Willy Garza ( Party Will ) 

** Other Reviews are posted on Good Reads , Amazon , Tumblr ! 




Cover Reveal : ” Murder By Design ” M/M Murder Drama , W.Garza | March 2016 , Springbreak

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(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*

Cover Reveal

” Murder By Design ”
Murder Drama

Plot ::

Two years ago Andy Fowler left town to get away from his broken home .
Now he’s returned hoping to confront the man who he learned is his dad .
Buckle up as secrets will be exposed leading to trails of murder !

© Copyright 2016 March
All Rights Reserved

* Adult Situations

Springbreak 2016 ..Are you Ready ?!

Cover Art by Samantha Cole
Author of
” Trident Security Book Series ”

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(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*


Book Review of ” Rosco the Rascal In the Land of Snow ” Kindle Edition , Written by Shana Gorian , Reviewed by Willy Garza


Book Review of 

” Rosco the Rascal In The Land of Snow ” Kindle Edition 

Written by : Shana Gorian 

Reviewed by : Willy Garza 

I was given this advanced copy to read and review with my daughter who is in 2nd grade . We have read the other books but this one is by far our favorite since it focus’ on Rosco , a beautiful 2 year old german shepard that gets to go on a winter vacation with his family . The authors description of the snowy weather takes us into the story full of well crafted , character driven story that keeps her readers riveted page after page .

In closing , I highly recommend this book to you and your children to add to their library .



” Wicked City ” Online FanFic Drama Series Ep2 : Too Close For Comfort Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


” Wicked City “
Online FanFic Drama Series
Ep2 : Too Close For Comfort
Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )
Airdate : Dec 14 , 2015
In a town like Los Angeles , there’s always a secret ready to be exposed but there’s one guy killing to make his mark !

** Settings **

Nearby Birds Diner

Kent is driving up in his red pontiac parking to the corner as Betty is looking very upset .

Kent :
Betty , honey you sounded upset over the phone what’s going on ?!

Betty :
Don’t you try that witty charm on me tonite !
Where is she Kent ?!
What did you do with Carol Bakers ?!
I get your cravings to kill believe me I got a few I would love to add to the list !
Kent : Really who ?!
Betty :: Don’t change the subject
What did you do with my Co Worker ?!
She’s dead isn’t she Kent ?!
U killed my Co Worker tonite ?!

Kent ::
Baby , please calm down ok , ok let me think here
We went for drinks , danced a bit , yes I put out a dedication for her , hmm we almost kissed , she struggled as I strangled her with my bear hands , she’s pretty feisty I gotta admit .
Anyways , alright yes sugar plum I killed your co worker who cares she hated you anyways says you are lousy at your job , that you aren’t pretty !
Nobody calls my girlfriend not pretty nobody !

Betty :
O-M-G that bitch said I wasn’t pretty ?!
Wow I hated her too but look babe please don’t do this again there’s plenty of women to kill but stay away from my Co Workers it’s just well too close to home get it ?!

Kent :
I got it , don’t kill your co workers
Do you forgive me ?
You still want me ?

Betty :
I always want you Kent , you are always on my mind
Let’s go home ..

Kent :
Do you need to know where I buried her body ?

Betty :
Not tonite , tell me tmrww after a nice lunch ok ?

Kent :
I love you Betty

Betty :
Love you too Kent

** Special Guest **
Annie Potts as
Carol Bakers
Cast :
(( Ed WestWick ))
Betty Beaumontaine
(( Erika Christensen ))



” Wicked City ” Online Written Drama FanFic Series Written by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


” Wicked City ”

Online FanFic Drama Series


Ep1 : In My Clutches


Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


Airdate : Dec 8 , 2015


In a town like Los Angeles , there’s always a secret ready to be exposed but there’s one guy killing to make his mark !


** Setting **


Outside Betty’s Hospital on a bench while Kent sits eating lunch with her .


Betty :

These bacon burgers are soo yummy


Kent :

They are my favorite , glad you like them Betty .

I want to share my World with you .


Betty :

You are everything I have wanted in a guy only never imagined of it ever being a reality .


* He pulls her closer , eyes intently looking now into the depth of her soul *


Kent :

I have always dreamed the same thing , I never believed in fate and circumstances until I met you !


Betty ;

Do we need to kill every time we go out ?

I know its a rush I just , well I want you to be with me tonite just me !


Kent :

Baby , what’s wrong ?

You sound offish , you know you can tell me anything


Betty :

I want alone time with you just tonite please I don’t ask for much do I ?


Kent :

I did watch that awful reality show for you last weekend , guess you can get a special reward tonite sure .

Pick you up after work !


* They embrace , kiss

She sighs from being in his arms he fantasies of killing another victim *


To Be Continued ..



Cast :


(( Ed WestWick ))


Betty Beaumontaine

(( Erika Christensen ))